Christopher J. Ellis
Department of Anthropology

Western University
 Fluted Points and other stone artifacts from the Rogers Site, Niagara Peninsula Region of Ontario, ca. 11,000 BC
Address: c/o Sustainable Archaeology
1600 Attawandaron Road
London, On
N6G 3M6


Academic Background
Professor Emeritus (University of Western Ontario, 2018-present)
Professor (University of Western Ontario, 2004-2018)
Department Chair (University of Western Ontario, 1993-2001, 2012-2013)
Associate Professor (University of Western Ontario, 1993-2004)
Assistant Professor (University of Waterloo, 1988-1990, University of Western Ontario, 1990-1993)
SSHRCC and Dean of Arts Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Assistant Professor (University of Waterloo, 1985-1988)
Archaeological Researcher (Parks Canada, 1984-85)
PhD (Archaeology, Simon Fraser University, 1984; Click here for a pdf copy of my dissertation)
M.A. (Anthropology, McMaster University, 1979);
Hons. B.A (Anthropology, University of Waterloo, 1976)
Research/Supervisory Interests
I am an anthropological archaeologist with major theoretical and topical research interests in hunting and gathering societies, settlement and subsistence practices, chronology building and stone tool technologies. My most recent research has focused on hunter-gatherer mobility practices including the development of more sedentary lifestyles, as these have been traditionally seen as central to understanding  these peoples. I am particularly interested in how one can measure, document or sort out the varying effects of differing kinds of mobilities in the archaeological record (range mobility, residential mobility, entrenched mobility, etc.) and of course, how one can explain the mobility strategies used by different groups and why they change.

The geographical focus of my investigations has been on Ontario and more broadly, Great Lakes, archaeology. Since the 1970s I have explored my research interests largely through work on the earlier, preceramic (Paleoindian and Archaic), time period over 3000 years old. While retired, I continue to do research through my position as a Research Associate at the Sustainable Archaeology facility located at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. My current Paleoindian research involves working with long-time collaborator D. Brian Deller on the analysis of a substantial, surface-collected, fluted point site assemblage from the Niagara Peninsula (see picture above) assembled by a non-professional over many years. My current Archaic research focusses on the analysis and intepretation of a large Late Archaic site near Lake Huron called Davidson that I have investigated supported by SSHRCC funding from 2007-2015.

I am currently editor of the Journal Ontario Archaeology and, while I have focused on preceramic occupations, I find just about any aspect of Ontario archaeology utterly fascinating. I have been involved in fieldwork and/or reporting on a wide range of later sites across southern Ontario, from Early Woodland lithic assemblages in areas in the southwest to Middle Woodland mound sites in the Trent-Severn waterway to Late Woodland Huron and Neutral village excavations in southcentral Ontario to historic Euro-Canadian sites in the Rideau Waterway.
Select Recent Publications
(electronic copies of many of my published papers as well as information about books I have published can be obtained by clicking here or on the Publications/Papers link above).
D. B. Deller, C. J. Ellis and M. Franklin - 2018 - The Rogers Site: An Early Paleoindian Site in the Niagara Peninsula Region of Ontario. Archaeology of Eastern North America: forthcoming.
J. C. Lothrop, D. Lowery, A. E. Spiess and C. J. Ellis -  2016 - Early Human Settlement of Northeastern North America. PaleoAmerica 2:192-251. (available as open access online @ Paper Access)
W. A. Fox, D. B. Deller and C. J. Ellis – 2015 - Chert Sources and Utilization in the Southern Huron Basin During the Early Holocene. In: Caribou Hunting in the Upper Great Lakes: Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives, edited by Lisa Sonnenburg, Ashley Lemke and John O’Shea, pp. 67-72. Memoirs of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, University of Michigan No. 57, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

C. J. Ellis, J. R. Keron, J. H. Menzies, S. G. Monckton and A. Stewart - 2015 - For Immediate Occupancy: Cosy 3000 Year Old Heritage Winter House with River View Near Lake Huron. Apply to Terminal Archaic Realty. In: Building the Past: Studies of Prehistoric Wooden Post Architecture in the Ohio Valley-Great Lakes Region, edited by Brian G. Redmond and Robert A. Genheimer, pp. 29-62. University Presses of Florida, Gainesville.

C. J. Ellis and D. R. Poulton - 2014 - The Gosling Site (AiHb-189), A Small Parkhill Phase Paleoindian Site in Guelph, Ontario. Ontario Archaeology 94: 81-111.
E. Eastaugh, C.J. Ellis, L. M. Hodgetts and J. R. Keron - 2013 - Problem-Based Magnetometer Survey at the Late Archaic Davidson Site. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 37(2):274-301. 

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