Ian Colquhoun
Department of Anthropology

The University of Western Ontario
female black lemur (L) and female black and white ruffed lemur (R)
Office: SSC 3422

(519) 661-2111
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Fax: (519) 661-2157
e-mail: colquhou@uwo.ca
Address: Department of Anthropology
University of Western Ontario
London, ON
N6A 5C2



Research Interests

Research Interests: My research interests and activities reflect both my specialization as a primatologist as well as my training in biological anthropology and more broadly within anthropology. Within primatology, I am particularly interested in the comparative socioecology of primates. Since my Masters and doctoral studies, I have specialized in the study of the lemuroid prosimian primates of Madagascar. Study of this endangered group of primates has also led to primate conservation and ethnoprimatology being additional areas of focus. I bring this diversity of experience and interests with me as a member of the Environmental Research Western Faculty Advisory Council. I have also had the opportunity to become involved in bioarchaeological research here at Western as an associate member of the Paleoradiology Research Group. Finally, my affiliation with Western's Research Group for the Study of Religion highlights my ethnoprimatological interests and the links between Sociocultural
anthropology and primatology.