Tania Granadillo
Department of Anthropology

Western University
 On the middle Orinoco River
Tanya Granadillo
Office: SSC 3408

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e-mail: tgranadi@uwo.ca
Address: Department of Anthropology
University of Western Ontario
London, ON
N6A 5C2


Academic Background
Assistant Professor (University of Western Ontario, 2007-Present)
Visiting Assistant Professor (Miami University of Ohio, 2006-2007)
PhD (Anthropology and Linguistics, University of Arizona, 2006)
M.A. (Linguistics, University of Arizona, 2001)
Research Interests

I am an Anthropologist and a Linguist interested in Language broadly understood.  My geographical area of focus has been Indigenous languages of Venezuela, having worked on Mapoyo (Carib family) and Kurripako (Arawak family). I am now beginning a new research project on Salivan languages, encompassing Piaroa, Maco and Hoti.  My topics of interest are varied and encompass both anthropological and linguistics themes. I am interested in endangered languages, language documentation and description, language revitalization, language shift and maintenance, language ideologies, language policy, discourse, storytelling, verbal art, linguistic typology, writing systems, phonology, morphosyntax, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language and culture, metaphors, bi/multilingualism, language acquisition, ethnoclassification and many other topics!

I also incorporate into my work many socio-cultural topics such as kinship, political economy, religion, landscape, and others as necessary to understand the complex world of indigenous people and their languages.

Selected Publications

Granadillo, Tania and Heidi Orcutt-Gachiri (Eds) (2011) Ethnographic contributions to the study of Endangered Languages.  Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Granadillo, Tania (2011)  Kurripako and Its Speakers in Venezuela: A Linguistic Anthropological Analysis of Language Endangerment.  In Granadillo, Tania and Heidi Orcutt-Gachiri (Eds). Ethnographic contributions to the study of Endangered Languages. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. 134-146.

Yaeger-Dror, Malcah, Tania Granadillo and Shoji Takano (2010) The sociophonetics of prosodic contours on neg in three language communities: teasing apart socio-, -linguistic and phonetic influences on speech.  In Preston, Dennis and Nancy Niedzielski (eds.) A Reader in Sociophonetics. Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 133-176.

Granadillo, Tania (2010) El Kurripako en Venezuela: una lengua amenazada con necesidad de documentación. Antropológica. 114: 67-85

Danielsen, Swintha and Tania Granadillo (2008) Agreement in two Arawak Languages: Baure and Kurripako.  In Donohue, Mark & Sřren Wichmann (eds.) The Typology of Semantic Alignment. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 396-411.

Granadillo, Tania (2008) Case marking in Kurripako (Arawak): asymmetries among core and oblique arguments.  Amerindia 32:77-88