Peter Timmins
Department of Anthropology
The University of Western Ontario
Excavations on the French River
Excavations on the French River
Peter Timmins  
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Address: Department of Anthropology
University of Western Ontario
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Research Interests

My research interests include precontact Iroquoian socio-political development and settlement pattern studies, site formation processes, the relationships between archaeologists and First Nations, and CRM archaeology (Cultural Resource Management). My initial settlement pattern work focused on Early Iroquoian community development in southwestern Ontario (ca. 900 – 1250 A.D.), and involved unraveling the complexities of intra-village house and feature patterns. This research led me into site formation studies and the reconstruction of refuse disposal and interaction patterns as revealed by ceramic cross-mends. I am currently involved in the analysis of settlement patterns on several Middle and Late Ontario Iroquoian villages.

I am also active in CRM archaeology, as President of Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants Inc. (TMHC), based in London, Ontario. My CRM work has increasingly involved the development of mutually beneficial relationships with local First Nations. In recent years TMHC has worked with and for First Nations on several initiatives including: the development of archaeological protocols, archaeological monitoring and training, repatriation issues, heritage values mapping, cultural awareness training, oral history, burial negotiations, land claims negotiations, and most recently, an archaeological re-assessment of Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia.
As a product of my CRM work, I have also developed research interests in most archaeological cultures and temporal periods in southern Ontario, from Paleo-Indian times through to the historic period. Projects of note include: the Early PaleoIndian Alder Creek site, the Late PaleoIndian Stelco 2 site, the Middle Archaic Little Shaver and South Bend sites, the Middle Iroquoian Tillsonburg and Dorchester villages, the Late Iroquoian Brian site, and the historic Salmoni site.