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Graduate Research Seminar

The Anthropology Graduate Research Seminar takes place on Fridays, 2:30-3:45pm in SSC 2257

Course Aim & Learning Outcomes

This seminar is organized by the Department of Anthropology. All graduate students present their research results in the seminar during the second half of their programs. Time permitting, faculty members and guest speakers may also present papers on their ongoing research in anthropology. This required course does not count for credit but appears as an audit on transcripts.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Be familiar with the current research of colleagues and faculty members.
  • Appreciate the different ways in which anthropology is defined.
  • Have been introduced to new theoretical perspectives and approaches that might be useful in their own research.
  • Recognize what makes for an engaging and effective public presentation.
  • Know how to effectively communicate with colleagues across sub-disciplinary boundaries.

2016-17 Schedule

Date What's On? Who Should Attend?
Winter 2017
Jan. 6 No seminar
Jan.13 Workshop: OGS Scholarship Recommended for students applying for scholarship
Jan 20 No seminar
Jan.27 No seminar
Feb. 3


Scott Eckford: "What's the Point? An Examination of 3 Early Fluted Point Collections from Ontario"

David Norris: "Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Late Paleoindian Projectile points from Northwestern Ontario:  Tracing Age and Population Relationships and...Origins?"

Diyin Deng: "Searching for Little Tibet, Canada"

Required session
Feb.10 No seminar


Daphné Gagnon: "Hunting and (dis)connection in a small town of Northern Ontario"

Diana Gavric: “Cuban Narratives of Emigration: Defining Self and Other”

Lina Johnston: “The Politics of Food and Street Vending in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba”

Required session
Feb.24 No seminar
Mar. 3


Paulina Johnson: "Kawôtinikewin 1876: Reclaiming Nêhiyaw Governance through the Understanding of Being in the territory of Maskwacîs”

Hana Ahmed: "Tourism, the state and violence in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh”

Required session
Mar.10 No seminar


Jennifer Spinney: Forecaster Imaginations: The influence of interaction on the production of scientific knowledge and the creation of expert communities of practice”

Hannah McGregor: "Enacting 'Reconciliation': University-Community Partnerships on Language Revitalization Projects”

Hannah Cho: "Challenging language ideologies and constructing identity among Korean language learners"

Required session
Mar.24 No seminar
Mar.31 No seminar
April 7

Safety in the Field Info Session

3:30-5:00pm, SSC 2257

Recommended for anyone undertaking field research