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Current Graduate Students

The MA program was founded in 1979, with the first thesis completion in 1981. Since 2003, the department has offered a PhD in Sociocultural anthropology and in archaeological sciences. As you will see in the sub-sections, graduate students in our program are conducting primary research in all areas of anthropology.

We are pleased to welcome 17 new graduate students to our program in 2017-18.

Graduate Students 2016-17

Sociocultural Students


Name Topic Supervisor
Hana Ahmed [Brac University] Tourism, the state and violence in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh Randa Farah
Aaron Bengall [Western] The Lived Experiences of Youth with Type 1 Diabetes: Individual, Family and Community Perspectives Kim Clark
Joanna Berry
Impacts of Government Responses to Mexican Asylum Claims in Canada Randa Farah
Sherrie Larkin
Hannah Cho [McGill] Heritage language learning and identity among Korean language learners in Toronto Karen Pennesi
Maya Clarke
To what extent do barrel remittances contirbute to the economy of Saint Lucia and in what ways do these remittances build connections? Sherrie Larkin
Diyin Deng [Western] The sense of Tibetan identity and how it is reshaped by the Canadian experience through an ethnographic research wiith the ethnic Tibetan community in Toronto Sherrie Larkin
Daphne Gagnon [Western] Hunting/fishing; identity; human-non-human animal relations; environment; state regulations; anthropology of the state; food anthropology; traditions; memories Adriana Premat
Diana Gavric [Western] Impact of changing US-Cuban relations on Cuban citizens' notions of national identity since 2014; Cuban state discourses on national identity in relation to the United States Adriana Premat
Marcelo Herrera [Western] Soccer and Community Integration in London, Ontario Kim Clark
Kara Kelliher [Ottawa] Gender, Representation and Identity in Maasai Owned Tourism Initiatives Sherrie Larkin
Sarah Knowles [Trent]

The Moral Communities of Voluntourism: Exploring Voluntourism Through the Lens of Morality.

Andrew Walsh
Tyler MacIntosh [Western] Vanilla in Madagascar Andrew Walsh
Hannah McGregor [Western] Indigenous language revitalization and public policy in Canada Tania Granadillo
Abdulla Majeed [Western] Iraqi displacement and notions of home and homeland Randa Farah
Alexandra Nelson [Western] Gender & homelessness in the context of mid-sized Canadian cities Bipasha Baruah
Emily Pitts [Alberta] How the use of Indigenous languages affects the process of identity construction in urban Indigenous populations Tania Granadillo
Nadja Schlote [St.Thomas U] Names and identities in second generation immigrants to Canada Karen Pennesi
Michael Simard [Windsor] Resistance to vaccination in Southwestern Ontario Kim Clark
Rachael Simser [Carleton] How communities are formed and maintained online as explored through participants of online parenting blogs Dan Jorgensen
Brianne Vescio [Western] The 'economy of appearances' as it relates to the Northern Ontario Ring of Fire project Dan Jorgensen
David White [Laurentian] Neal Ferris/Rick Fehr


Name Topic Supervisor
Danielle Alcock [Western] Community Based Research on Traditional ecological knowledge and Elderly Care in First Nations Communities Regna Darnell
Nathan Dawthorne
Narratives of Male Sex Work in London Ontario Regna Darnell
Darren Dokis
Exploring the intersections between development, identity, and spirituality among First Nations Peoples, and specifically Anishinabe Regna Darnell
Burhan Erdem [Arkansas] Transformations in Kayseri, Turkey urban space Randa Farah
Patrick Galler [Western] A Politics of the Production of Bodies in Distance Running Kim Clark
Paulina Johnson
Rewriting Indigenous Pasts through Oral Narratives Regna Darnell
Lina Johnston
The Politics of Food and Street Vending in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba Adriana Premat
Beatriz Juarez Rodriguez [Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Cientificas] State, memory and politicial identities among Afro-Venezuelan people Kim Clark
Bruce Lawrence
[Korean National University]
Investigating English language in Korea Karen Pennesi
Kelly Linton [Calgary] Place-based knowledge and Sites of Exchange - Innovation and Adaptation in Southern Ontario Agriculture Andrew Walsh
Angela MacMillan
Rural-Urban Linkages among the Oksapmin of Papua New Guinea. Dan Jorgensen
Elaine McIlwraith
Al-Andalus of the Past in the Present: Contemporary historical narratives of Arab Spain within a shifting political environment Randa Farah
Heather Millman
Traditional medicine and Latin American immigrants in Toronto. Adriana Premat
Driton Nushaj [Western] Regna Darnell
Bimadoshka Pucan [Western] Aligning Anishinaabeg Health Practices and Western Methods Regna Darnell/Lloy Wylie
MD Rashedul Alam [Western] Non-State Spaces in New Maps: The Partition of "British India" and Seventy Years of Statelessness Along the Bangladesh-India Border. Dan Jorgensen
Jennifer Spinney
Weather and Society: how people understand & experience severe weather in Canada; how people use these understandings to assess risk and decision-making; weather warning - effects & consequences of communication. Karen Pennesi
Catherine Villar
Alternative food practices Adriana Premat
Mingyuan Zhang
Chinese influence in Madagascar Andrew Walsh

Archaeology & Biological Anthropology Students


Name Topic Supervisor
Carolina Delgado [Universidad de la Republica] Peruvian Archaeology - Coast North of Peru - Archives research Andean early states Jean-Francois Millaire
Scott Eckford [University of Toronto] Analyses of fluted point assemblages from Ontario & surrounding areas Chris Ellis
Felipe Gonzalez Macqueen [Ryerson] Use of drone-operated Aerial Thermography to Identify Archaeological Subsurface Features at Cerro Arena, Peru Jean-Francois Millaire
Arwen Johns [Western] Animals, Social Differentiation, and the State:
Zooarchaeological Analysis of Huaca Gallinazo and Huaca Santa Clara, North Coast of Peru
Jean-Francois Millaire & Lisa Hodgetts
Ramsay Macfie
Pit Features at Davidson Site, Great Lakes Archaic Chris Ellis
Fernando Mercado Malabet [Trent] Trees for the Primates: A community-based assessment of the landscape ecology of crowned lemur (Eulemur coronatus) in northern Madagascar Ian Colquhoun
Kelly Miller
[Wilfrid Laurier]
Early Late Woodland settlement & material culture analysis. Neal Ferris
Katya Valladares [Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos] Burial Practices at Chan Chan archaeological site, Chimu society, Peru Andrew Nelson


Name Topic Supervisor
Kirsten Bruce [Manitoba] Investigations of cancer and disease in the Chachapoya population using CT & X-ray images Andrew Nelson
Michael Carter
Visualizing Longhouse Morphology and Use from a Phenomenological Perspective for Stakeholder and Public Engagement. Neal Ferris
Mary (Beth) Compton
Examining the user needs for digital representations of physical archaeological objects. Neal Ferris & Lisa Hodgetts
Brandy George
Lauren Gilhooly
[Oxford Brookes]
Impact of tourist presence on long-tailed macaque behaviour and the implications for malaria transmission Ian Colquhoun
Rebecca Goodwin [Toronto] The construction of gender identity (particularly women's identity) among Inuit and their ancestors in the Canadian Arctic Lisa Hodgetts
Casey Kirkpatrick
Comparing the Accuracy of Region-specific and Universal Dental Aging Standards in Egypt. El Molto
Diana Moreiras Reynaga
[British Columbia]
Mexica (Aztec) diets at the Templo Mayor and Temlo "R" (Tlatelolco) in Tenochtitlan through stable isotope analysis. Jean-Francois Millaire
/Fred Longstaffe
John Moody
An analysis of Early Thule Ceramics Lisa Hodgetts
Jordon Munizzi
[Central Florida]
Reconstructing human-muskox-caribou interactions on Banks Island, NWT, during the last 4500 years through stable isotope analysis Hodgetts
David Norris
An Examination of the presence and activities of Paleo-Indians regarding the colonization of northern Ontario. Chris Ellis
Amy St. John
The Use of Micro Computed Tomography in Archaeological Ceramic Studies Neal Ferris
Matthew Teeter
Life history in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt (150AD - 450AD): Investigating bone density ontogenesis, and osteoporosis using µCT analysis of the first metatarsal. El Molto
Candie Thomas
Archaeological Ethnography of Traditional Ceramic Production, Use and Meaning Among the AmaZulu of the Mnweni Valley, South Africa. Neal Ferris
Renee Willmon
3D Paleopathology of Tuberculosis Andrew Nelson
Jennifer Willoughby
[University College London]
Paleo-oncology: Identifying neoplastic disease in mummified remains Andrew Nelson

Applied Archaeology Students


Name Topic Supervisor
Corbin Berger [Toronto] Dimensions of practice of practitioners of commercial archaeology Neal Ferris
Peter Epler [Wilfrid Laurier] Evolution of Urban Archaeology in Ontario: Policy, Methodology and Standards Peter Timmins
John Dunlop
Analysis of the structure and placement of Archaic lithic scatters within a southern Ontario landscape. Chris Ellis
Jonathan Freeman
Occupational history of the Middle Iroquoian Dorchester Village site. Peter Timmins
Adam Hossack
[Wilfrid Laurier]
Evidence of the agency of teaching and learning chert knapping on the EPI Bear Creek site cluster in Barrie, ON. Chris Ellis
Shane McCartney
Investigation of Season of Occupation of Western Basin archaeological sites based on thin-sections of deer teeth. Lisa Hodgetts
Amanda Parks
The Sweat Lodges of Redeemer: an investigation into sweat bathing practices Peter Timmins
Rebecca Parry [Western] Reconsidering Coalescence:
An Investigation of a Late 14th Century Ancestral Iroquoian Community
Peter Timmins