Western University AntropologyWestern Social Science

2017-18 Course List

1000-level                                                                                         Updated June 8, 2017

1020E: Many Ways of Being Human
1025F/G: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
1026F/G: Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology
1027A/B: Introduction to Linguistics *Section 200 blended format (in-class and on-line)


2100:  Archaeology and World Prehistory *Distance Studies
2201F: Urban Anthropology (formerly Urban Thinking)
2211G: Cultures of the Caribbean *Distance Studies
2212F: Cultures of the Pacific
2217G: First Nations Traditional Cultures of Canada
2218F: Contemporary First Nations Issues in Canada
2222G: Debates in Sociocultural Anthropology (formerly called Foundations of Anthropology)
2223F: Doing Fieldwork in Anthropology *Blended Format (in-class and on-line components)
2226A: Biological Anthropology
2229G: Principles of Archaeology
2230G: Arctic Archaeology
2233F: Archaeology of Ontario and the Great Lakes
2236B: Human Aging: Bioanthropological Perspectives
2238B: Reading Life and Death through the Human Body *NEW!
2239A: Mummies: The Scientific and Cultural Analysis of Human Mummies
2243F: Applied Linguistics
2245F: Anthropological Approaches to Language (formerly Topics in Language and Culture)
  *NOTE: The former Anthropology 2247A/B: Phonological Analysis and 2248A/B: Introduction to Syntax and Semantics will be offered under Linguistics course numbers effective September 2017.
2250G: Verbal Art, Performance and Speech Play
2151A/2251F: Language, Gender and Sexuality *NEW! 
  *NOTE: essay and non-essay options available: choose 2251F for credit toward Anthropology modules and Linguistics modules.
2260G: “Nature” in the City
2264G: Issues in Primate Conservation
2272F & 2272G: Anthropology of Tourism *Distance Studies
2281G: Anthropology of Development *Distance Studies
2283F: Refugees and the Displaced
2284G: Mobile Phones and the Internet in the Global South
2285G: Clothing and Culture: Anthropology of Fashion *Distance Studies *NEW!


3307A: Field Methods in Archaeology (application required)
3308G: Archaeology: Theory and Practice (formerly Debates in Archaeology)
3332F: Sociocultural Anthropological Perspectives on the Lifecourse
3334G: Primate and Human Paleontology
3337G: Sociolinguistics (formerly called Topics in Language and Society)
3338F: Skeletal Biology
3350F: Society and Culture I: Historical Perspectives*
3351G: Society and Culture II: Identity, Power, and Social Formations*
  *NOTE: 3350F & 3351G has replaced 3301E:Concepts of Society and Culture.
3389G: Advanced Special Topics in Refugee and Migrant Studies. Topic: Risky Passages and Restrictive Borders


4400E: Anthropological Thought
4412G: Language and Power
4429G: Principles of Applied Archaeology (application required)
4493F: Advanced Special Topics: Topic: Digital Archaeology and Digital Heritage (application required)
4498B: Advanced Special Topics: Topic: Research in Paleopathology and Paleodiet (application required)