Western University AntropologyWestern Social Science

2018-2019 Course List

Anticipated 2018-19 Anthropology Undergraduate Course Offerings:

1000-level                                                                                            Updated: February 7

1020: Many Ways of Being Human
1025F/G: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
1026F/G: Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology
1027A/B: Introduction to Linguistics


2100: Archaeology and World Prehistory *Distance Studies
2101B: Great Archaeological Sites *Distance Studies *NEW
   NOTE: like 2100, 2101B is a general-interest course that cannot be counted toward any Anthropology module except the Minor.

2216F: Cultures of Latin America *Distance Studies
2219G: Cultures of the Middle East
2222G: Debates in Sociocultural Anthropology
2226B: Biological Anthropology
2229F: Principles of Archaeology
2234F: Andean Prehistory
2238B: Reading Life and Death through the Human Body
2239B: Mummies
2245F: Anthropological Approaches to Language
2249F: Discourse Analysis
2152A/2252F: Languages in Canada *NEW!
   NOTE: essay and non-essay options available: choose 2252F for credit toward Anthropology modules and Linguistics modules.

2265F: Primate Behavior *Distance Studies
2267B: Anthropology of Zoos *Distance Studies *NEW
2272F and G: Anthropology of Tourism *Distance Studies
2280G: Economic Anthropology *Distance Studies
2282G: Anthropology of Migration *Distance Studies
2283F: Refugees and the Displaced


3237A: Field Techniques in Linguistics
3305G: History, Territory, and the Politics of Identity
3307A: Field Methods in Archaeology
3311G: Bioarchaeology: Practice and Theory
3313B: Artifact Analysis *NEW
3336F: Debates in Human Evolution
3339G: Language Variation and Change *NEW
3341G: Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
3350F: Society and Culture I: Historical Perspectives
3351G: Society and Culture II: Identity, Power, and Social Formations


4400E: Anthropological Thought
4429G: Principles of Applied Archaeology

We hope to have some advanced special topics courses for fourth-year students. Please stay tuned! We also anticipate that two additional 2200-level courses will be added once our hiring process is complete.