Western University AntropologyWestern Social Science

Major in Sociocultural Anthropology

Admission Requirements:

Completion of first year requirements including either Anthropology 1025F/G and one of Anthropology 1026F/G
or Anthropology 1026F/G or 1027A/B, or Anthropology 1020E with a mark of at least 60% in each.

Module - 6.0 Courses:

 a) 0.5 course from:  

2211F/G      Cultures of the Caribbean
2212F/G      Cultures of the Pacific
2214F/G      Cultures of Native North America
2216F/G      Cultures of Latin America
2217F/G      First Nations Traditional Cultures of Canada
2218F/G      Contemporary First Nations Issues in Canada
2219F/G      Cultures of the Middle East

b) 0.5 course from:

2230F/G      Arctic Archaeology
2231F/G      Archaeology of North America
2233F/G      Archaeology of Ontario and the Great Lakes
2234F/G      Andean Prehistory
*May substitute one 0.5 course from (a) not previously taken.

c) all 2.0 courses from:

2222F/G      Foundations of Anthropology
2245F/G      Topics in Language and Culture 
3301E          Concepts of Society and Culture  

 d) 3.0 courses from:  

2201F/G     Urban Thinking: Cultural Explorations of Towns and Cities
2203F/G     Indigenous Peoples, Globalization, Environment
2220E        Iroquoian Perspectives and Tradition
2223F/G     Doing Sociocultural Fieldwork in Anthropology
2224F/G     Anthropology of Religion
2255E        Feminist Perspectives in Anthropology
2260F/G     “Nature” in the City
2262F/G     The Production and Consumption of Global Commodities
2269F/G     Special Topics in Environment and Culture
2272F/G     Anthropology of Tourism
2280F/G     Economic Anthropology
2281F/G     Anthropology of Development
2282F/G     Anthropology of Migration                     
2283F/G     Refugees and the Displaced
2284F/G     Mobile Phones and the Internet in the Global South
2289F/G     Special Topics in Refugee and Migrant Studies
2290F/G     Plagues and Peoples
3266F/G     Anthropology of Space and Place
3302F/G     Anthropology’s Intellectual & Institutional Histories
3303          Material Culture
3305F/G     History, Territory and the Politics of Identity
3322          Field Courses in Environmental Anthropology
3331F/G     Reading Ethnography
3332F/G     Sociocultural Anthropological Perspectives on the Lifecourse
3333F/G     Symbolic Anthropology
3369F/G     Advanced Special Topics in Environment and Culture
3389F/G     Advanced Special Topics in Refugee and Migrant Studies
4400E        Anthropological Thought
4402F/G     Indigenous Cultures and Globalization
FNS  2910F/G    Contacts: Indigenous and European People
*May substitute a maximum of one 0.5 course not previously taken from Anthropology 2211-2234.

        *Note: Anthropology 4400E is strongly recommended for fourth-year students planning graduate work in Anthropology.