Dr. Christine White
  Department of Anthropolgy     University of Western Ontario


1984 B.Sc. Trent University
1986 M.A. Trent University
Thesis: "Paleodiet and Nutrition of the Maya at Lamanai, Belize: A study of trace elements, stable isotopes, nutritional and dental pathology."
Supervisor: Dr. Hermann Helmuth
1991 Ph.D. University of Toronto
Thesis: "Isotopic Analysis of Multiple Tissues from Three Sudanese Nubian Populations"
Supervisor: Dr. Jerry Melbye

Current Status at the University of Western Ontario

Professor July 1, 2001
Associate Prof. July 1, 1995
Assistant Prof. Jan, 1991
Lecturer July 1, 1990
Honourary Conjunct Prof., Department of Anthropology, Trent U. (1992-)



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