Dr. Christine White
  Department of Anthropolgy     University of Western Ontario

Graduate Students

MA Program at UWO only since 1996; PhD since 2003

Shannon Coysten, Dept. Anthropology, Trent University. Application of Carbon Isotope Analysis of Bone Apatite to the Study of Maya Diets and Subsistence at Pacbitun and Lamanai, Belize.(1994-1996)
Lisa Munro, Dept of Earth Sciences, UWO. Bioapatite Recrystallization During Burning: Effects on Phosphate and Carbonate Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Compositions (2001-2004)

Cathy Walper, UWO Tooth Morphology of the Skeletal Populations from Marco Gonzalez and San Pedro, Belize (part time 1995-1998)
Jocelyn Williams, UWO Isotopic Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from Marco Gonzalez and San Pedro Belize (1998-2000)
Alexis Dolphin, UWO Marco Gonzalez and San Pedro, Belize: A comparison of juvenile health between Postclassic Maya sites. (1998-2000)
Lisa Blyth, UWO, Isotopic Analysis of Fort William Henry and the Victims of the Stony Creek Massacre (2000-2003)
Julianna Matthews, UWO Dental Pathology and Dietary Reconstruction in Two Postclassic Maya Skeletal Populations(2001-2003)
Jay Maxwell, UWO Growth, Development and Pathology among the Maya of Marco Gonzalez and San Pedro: Assessing the Osteological Paradox (2001-2003)
Lindsay Foreman, UWO (2002-2004) Osteopenia or osteoporosis?: The development of a methodological protocol for examining the antiquity of sex- and age-related patterns of bone loss
Allyson Brady, In situ IR-laser Ablation Carbon- and Nitrogen-Isotope Analysis of Bioapatite: Application to Microbial Diagensis (2002-2005)
Jess Metcalfe, Diet and Migration at Chau Hiix, Belize: A Study of Stable Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Isotopes. (2003-2005)
Laura Marciano, UWO (2003-
Stephanie Goodfellow, UWO (2004-
Karyn Olsen, UWO (2004-

Joe Parish, UWO The Stirrup Court Cemetery: A comparison of peri-urban and urban health in nineteenth-century Ontario (1998-2000)
Marc Lichtenfeld, UWO Artifical Cranial Modification in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru (1999-2001)
Kate Dougherty, UWO, Social Organization and Mortuary Program of the Rice Lake-Trent River Middle Woodland Hopewellian Manifestation at Cameronís Point (2000-2003)
Jennifer Nash, UWO, Bone Density as an Indicator of Habitual Activity (2001-2003)
Megan Gardiner, UWO An Examination of the Relationship Between Sexual Dimorphism and Sex-Specific Activity Patterns Among the Sadlemuit Inuit (2002-2004)
Adriana Mandich, UWO Scattered bone: fragmentary human remains from the Lawson site (AfHg-1) (2002-2004)
Patrick Beauchesne, UWO Protein Consumption and Bone Health in Ancient Peru (2003-2005)

Lana Williams, UWO (2003-
Barbara Hewitt, UWO (2004-
Lindsay Foreman, UWO (2004-

MA Theses
1997 Rhan-ju Song, Dept of Anthropology, Trent U. Developmental defects of enamel in the Maya of Altun Ha, Implications for Ancient Maya Childhood Health.
1999 Sherry Gibbs, Dept of Anthropology, Trent U. Cave Burials in Belize.
2000 Kirsten McDonald, Dept of Anthropology, Trent U. Degenerative Joint Disease: What Can It Tell Us About the Early Historic Maya at Lamanai?.
2001 Kari Lynne Gage, Dept of Earth Sciences, UWO. The Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Composition of soil Water at Pinery Provincial Park.
2004 David Sare, Dept of Biology, UWO.

PhD Dissertations
1999 Tosha Dupras, Dept of Anthropology, McMaster U. Dining in the Dakhleh Oasis: Determining Diet From Documents, Archaeological Remains and Stable Isotope Analysis.
2000 Elizabeth Webb, Dept of Earth Sciences, Environmental Science Program UWO Stable Isotopic Compositions of Silica Phytoliths and Plant Water in Grasses: Implications for the Study of Paleoclimate.
2002 Sherry Fukuzawa, Dept of Anthropology, U. of Toronto. A Longitudinal Examination of Heritability in the Developing Dental Arcade



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