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White, C. (Ed.)
1999 Reconstructing Ancient Maya Diet. University of Utah Press.

Chapters in Books and Symposia

Spence, M.W., C. White, R.H. Cobean, A.G. Mastache, and F.J. Longstaffe 
in press
residential history of the La Mesa people: The oxygen-isotope evidence. In Homenaje a Alba Guadalupe Mastache Flores. Edited by Robert Cobean, Alejandro Martinez Muriel, and Luis Alberto Matos. Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia.

White, C., Price, T.D. and Longstaffe, F.J.  
in press
Inferring identity and ideology from isotopes at the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan.  In The Moon Pyramid, Teotihuacan: State Ideology and Polity in an Ancient Mexican Metropolis.  Edited by Saburo Sugiyama and David M. Carballo. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque. 
(Spanish translation of above published in Colleción Cientifica Series, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico City).

Olson, K., Goodfellow, S., White, C. and Longstaffe, F.J.
in press
The dedicatory burials of Altun Ha. In
Mesoamerican Bioarchaeology  Edited by G. Wrobel, Springer Verlag.

White, C., Spence, M.W. andLongstaffe, F.
The Teotihuacan Dream: An isotopic study of economic organization and immigration.  In The “Compleat Archaeologist” Papers in Honour of Michael Spence.  Edited by Ellis, C., Ferris, N., Timmins, P., and White, C.  Occasional Publications of the London Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society, No. 9 (co-published as journal Ontario Archaeology, Volumes 85 to 88)
,. pp. 279-297.

Howie, L., White, C. and Longstaffe, F.
2010 The
People and Pots of Lamanai, Belize. In  Food and Feasting in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Foodways Past and Present. Edited by John Staller and Michael Carrasco. Springer, New York.  Pp. 369-398.

White, C., Longstaffe, F.J. and  Schwarcz, H.
2010 Social Directions in the Isotopic Anthropology of Maize in the Maya region. In Histories of Maize in Mesoamerica: Multidisciplinary Approaches (abridged version of Histories of Maize). Edited by John Staller, Robert Tykot, and Bruce Benz. Left Coast Press, pp. 142-158.

White, C., Longstaffe, F.J. Maxwell, J. and Pendergast, D.
2009 The Lamanai “loving couple”: An Ancient Maya Identity Mystery. In Bioarcheology and Identity in the Americas. Ediited by Kelly Knudson and Chris Stojanowski. University Press of Florida, Orlando. pp. 155-176.

Price, T.D., Wright, L.E. and White, C.
2007 Victims of sacrifice: Isotopic evidence for place of origin. In New Perspectives on Human Sacrifice and Ritural Body Treatments in Ancient Maya Society Edited by Vera Tiesler Blos Andrea Cucina. Springer, New York. pp. 263-292.

hite, C., Longstaffe, F.J. and  Schwarcz, H.
2006  Social directions in the Isotopic anthropology of maize in the Maya region. In Histories of Maize. Edited by John Staller, Robert Tykot, and Bruce Benz.
Elsevier Press. pp 143-160

Spence, M., White, C., Rattray, E. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2005 Past lives in different places: The origins and relationships of Teotihuacan’s foreign residents. In Early Civilizations, Settlement and Subsistence: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey R. Parsons. Edited by Richard E. Blanton. Cotsen Institute, UCLA, pp. 155-197.

Spence, M., White, C., Rattray, E. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2004 Un análisis de las proportiones de los isótopos en los entierros del Barrio de los Commerciantes. In La Segunda Mesa Redonda de Teotihuacan Centro de Estudios Teotihuacanos. Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia, pp. 453-492

White, C., Pohl, M., and Schwarcz, H. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2004 Field and Forest: Deer and Dog Diets at Lagartero and Copán. In K. Emery (Ed.) Maya Zooarchaeology: New Directions in Method and Theory. UCLA Institute of Archaeology, Los Angeles, CA, pp. 141-158.

Chase, A.F., D.Z. Chase and C.D. White
2001 El Paisaje Urbano Maya: La Integracion de los Espacios Construidos y la Estructura Social en Caracol, Belize. In Reconstruyendo La Ciudad Maya: El Urbanism en Las Sociedades Antiguas. Edited by Andrés Ciudad Ruiz, M.a Josefa Iglesias Ponce de León, M.a del Carmen Martínez Martínez. Sociedad Española de Estudios Mayas, Madrid. pp. 95-122.

White, C.
1999 Ancient Maya diet: Perspectives and Prospects. In C. White (Ed.) Reconstructing Ancient Maya Diet University of Utah Press.

Coyston, S., White, C.D. and Schwarcz, H.P.
1999 Dietary Carbonate Analysis of Bone and Enamel for Two Sites in Belize. In C.D. White (Ed.), Reconstructing Ancient Maya Diet. University of Utah Press. pp. 199-220.

White, C.
1997 Diet at Lamanai and Pacbitun: Implications for the ecological model of Maya collapse. In Whittington and D. Reed (Eds.) Bones of the Maya: Studies of Ancient Skeletons. Smithsonian Institution Press. pp. 171-181

White, C.
1994 Dietary dental pathology and cultural change in the Maya. In A. Herring & L. Chan (Eds.), Strength in Diversity: A Reader in Physical Anthropology. Canadian Scholar's Press, Toronto. pp. 279-302.

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1994 Biological disruption in the Northern Maya Lowlands. In C. Spencer Larsen & G. Milner (Eds.), In the Wake of Contact: Biological Responses to Conquest. N.Y.: Wiley-Liss. pp. 135-145.

White, C.
1988 Diet and health in the Ancient Maya from Lamanai, Belize. In B.Kennedy and G. LeMoine (Eds.) Diet and Subsistence, Current Archaeological Perspectives (pp.288-296). Proceedings of the 19th Annual Chacmool Conference, University of Calgary.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Spence, M., White, C. and Longstaffe, F. J.
2013 An archaeology of Cerro Portezuelo Bioarchaeology: Burial analysis and the (re)excavation of contexts from  a 1950’s project. Latin American Antiquity 24, special issue 1, pp. 185-199.

Graham, E., S. Simmons and C.D. White
2013 The Spanish Conquest and the Maya Collapse: How 'Religious' is Change? World Archaeology 45:161-185
. (Special volume on Archaeology and Religion, ed. By Jullia Shaw).

Metcalfe, J., White, C. and Longstaffe, F.
2009 Hierarchies and heterarchies of food consumption: Stable isotopic evidence from Chau Hiix and the northern Belize region. Latin American Antiquity 20:15-36.

Spence, M.W. and  White
, C.
2009 Mesoamerican Bioarchaeology: Past and future. Special “Katun”  issue of Ancient Mesoamerica 20:233-240.

Williams, J, White C. and Longstaffe
, F. J.
2009 Maya marine subsistence: Isotopic evidence for trade and status from Marco Gonzalez and San Pedro, Belize. Latin American Antiquity 20: 37-56.

White, C., Spence, M.W., Price, T.D., and F.J. Longstaffe
2007 Residential histories of the sacrificial victims from the Moon Pyramid, Teotihuacan. Ancient Mesoamerica 19:159-172

White, C., Maxwell, J., Dolphin, A, Williams, J. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2006 Pathoecology and paleodiet in coastal Maya from northern Belize. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 101, special issue II: 35-42.

Williams, J. and White, C. 
2006 Dental decoration, status and stable isotopes. Ancient Mesoamerica 17:1-13.

White, C.
2005 Gendered food behaviour among the Maya: Time, place, status and ritual. Gendered food behaviour among the Maya: Time, place, status and ritual. Journal of Social Archaeology 5:356-382.

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White, C.
2004 The human-animal interface in Maya biosocial and environmental systems. Archaeofauna 13:183-198.

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Spence, M., White, C., Longstaffe, F. and Law, K.
2004 Victims of the victims: Human trophies worn by sacrificed soldiers from the Feathered Serpent Pyramid, Teotihucan. Ancient Mesoamerica. 15:1-15.

White, C., Spence, M,. Longstaffe, F.
2002 Geographic identities of the sacrificial victims at the Temple of Quetzalcoatl: Implications for the nature of state power. Latin American Antiquity 13:217-236.

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2001 Social complexity and food systems at Altun Ha, Belize: The isotopic evidence. Latin American Antiquity 12, 371-393.

White, C., F.J. Longstaffe and K.R. Law
2001 Revisiting the Teotihuacan connection at Altun Ha: Oxygen-isotope analaysis of Tomb f-8/1. Ancient Mesoamerica 12, 65-72.

White, C., Pohl, M., and Schwarcz, H. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2001 Preclassic Maya patterns of deer and dog exploitation: The isotopic evidence from Colha, Belize. Journal of Archaeological Science 27: 89-107.

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1998 Oxygen isotopes and the identification of geographical origin: The Valley of Oaxaca vs. the Valley of Mexico. Journal of Archaeological Science 25:643-657.

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1996 Sutural effects of fronto-occipital cranial modification. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 100:397-410.

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Metcalfe, J.Z.,  White, C. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2007  Isotopic anthropology at Chau Hiix, Belize: Comparisons with Lamanai. In Across the Lagoon: Community Organization and Development at Lamanai and Chau Hiix, Belize.  Beyond Touring.


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