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Mummy Publications

Chapters in Books and Symposia

White, C. and Longstaffe, F. 
in press
A holistic approach to understanding paleopathology in mummified remains through isotopic analysis. In Evidence-Based Ancient Mummy Research. Edited by F. J. Ruhli and H. G. Robinson. Cambridge University Press.

Webb, E., White, C., van Uum, S. and Longstaffe, F. 
in press Residential mobility and stress in Nasca, Peru: New insights from cortisol and isotopic analysis of archaeological hair. Proceedings of the World Congress of Mummy Studies.

Beauschene, P., Colquhoun, I., Longstaffe, F., Marciano, L., Metcalfe, J., Nelson, A., Pawlowski, A. Wheeler, S., White, C  and Williams, L.
2008 The Lady Hudson project.  Proceedings of the VI Mummy Congress, Lanzarote, Canary Is.  Academia Canaria de la Historia, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, pp 637-640

White, C.
1995 Diet reconstruction from Nubian mummy tissues: Evidence from stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes. In A. Aufderheide and R. Anton (Eds.), Proceedings of the First World Congress on Mummy Studies. Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Museo Arquelógico y Etnográfico de Tenerife. pp. 571-578.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Nelson, A., Chhem, R., Cunningham, I., Friedman, S., Garvin, G., Gibson, G., Granton, P., Holdsworth, D., Holowka, S.,  Longstaffe, F., Lywood, V., Nguyen, N., Shaw, R., Trumpour, T., Wade, A., and White, C.
2011 The ROM/UWO Mummy Project: A microcosm of progress in mummy research. Yearbook of Mummy Studies 1:127-132.

White, C., Nelson, A., Longstaffe, F. and Jung, A.
2009 Landscape bioarchaeology at Pacatnamu, Peru: Inferring mobility from δ13C and δ15N values in hair. Journal of Archaeological Science 36:1527-1537.

Schwarcz, H.P. and C.D. White
2004 The grasshopper or the ant? Cultigen-use strategies in ancient Nubia from C-13 analyses of human hair. Journal of Archaeological Science 31:53-62.

White, C., Longstaffe, F. and Law, K.
2004 Exploring the effects of environment, physiology and diet on oxygen isotope ratios in ancient Nubian bones and teeth. Journal of Archaeological Science 31:233-250.

Flannery, M.B., Stankiewicz, B.A., Hutchins, J.C., White, C., and Evershed, R.
1999 Chemical and morphological changes in human skin during preservation in waterlogged and dessicated environments. Ancient Biomolecules 3:37-50.

White, C., Longstaffe, F. and Law, K.
1999 Seasonal stability and variation in diet as reflected in human mummy tissues from the Kharga Oasis and the Nile Valley. Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Palaeoecology 147:209-222.

White, C. and Armelagos, G.J.
1997 Osteopenia and stable isotope ratios in bone collagen of Nubian female mummies. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 103:185-199.

White, C. and Schwarcz, H. P.
1994 Temporal trends in stable isotopes for Nubian mummy tissues. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 93:165-187.

White, C.
1993 Isotopic determination of seasonality of diet and death in ancient Nubian hair. Journal of Archaeological Science 20:657-666


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