Dr. Christine White
  Department of Anthropolgy     University of Western Ontario

Palaeopathology Publications

Chapters in Books and Symposia

White, C.
n.d. Early Colonial childhood morbidity in the Maya. In B. Kulle (Ed.) The Archaeology of Contact: Processes and Consequences. Proceedings of the 24th Annual Chacmool Conference, University of Calgary. (in press)

1995 Diet reconstruction from Nubian mummy tissues: Evidence from stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes. In A. Aufderheide and R. Anton (Eds.), Proceedings of the First World Congress on Mummy Studies. Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Museo Arquelógico y Etnográfico de Tenerife. pp. 571-578

Articles in Refereed Journals

White, C.
1996 Sutural effects of fronto-occipital cranial modification. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 100: 397-410

1988 The Ancient Maya from Lamanai, Belize: Diet and health over 2,000 yrs. Canadian Review of Physical Anthropology, 6, 1-21.

White, C. and Armelagos, G.J.
1997 Osteopenia and stable isotope ratios in bone collagen of Nubian female mummies. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 103: 185-199.

Wright, L. and C.D. White
1996 Human biology in the Classic Maya Collapse: Evidence from paleopathology and paleodiet. Journal of World Prehistory, 10, 147-198.



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