Dr. Christine White
  Department of Anthropolgy     University of Western Ontario

Professional Service

University Service

Curriculum Committee
Graduate Committee
Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee
United Way Representative
Employment Office Liason
Dept representative to Faculty Association

FACULTY (positions elected by Soc. Sci. faculty, or appointed by Dean)
Educational Policy Committee
Chair Selection Committees (Anthropology, Economics, Geography) (elected)
Agnes Dark Endowment Fund Committee (assigned)
Executive Committee, Faculty Council (elected)
Social Science Representative to Faculty of Science Council (elected)
Lawson Chair Selection Committee (assigned)
Academic Subcommittee, the London Museum of Archaeology (assigned)
Social Science Working Committee on CFI, ORDC and PREA grants
Statistics Canada Working Group

Selection Committee for Vice-Provost, Faculty of Medicine
Internal Appraisals (Graduate Program Review) Committee
Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dept of Geography (current)
Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dept of Earth Sciences (current)
Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dept of Psychology and Family Medicine (current)

Professional Service

1995-99 President Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology
1997 Organized Annual Conference for Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology (London)
Organized a symposium on Postmodernism in Physical Anthropology
-Served on numerous ad hoc committees for Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology, including: federal grants, constitution, ethics
-Chaired sessions in skeletal biology for American and Canadian Associations for Physical Anthropology 1996, 1997, 1998
2001 Organized symposium in honour of Hermann Helmuth, Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology, Winnipeg
2001-04 SSHRC Federal Grant Committee 16, Anthropology and Archaeology
2003 Organized symposium on Tooth Chemistry, American Association for Physical Anthropology
2003-04 Canadian Foundation for Innovation Multidisciplinary Assessment Committee 11.
2004 National Meeting of Tier II Chairholders in the Humanities and Social Sciences

American Journal Physical Anthropology
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology
Journal of Archaeological Science
Journal of Field Archaeology
Latin American Antiquity
Medical Anthropology Quarterly
Ontario Archaeological Society Journal
Oxford University Press
Cambridge University Press

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
National Science Foundation
Leverhulme Foundation
L.S.B. Leaky Foundation
Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Archaeology
Wellcome Trust Foundation for Bioarchaeological Research

American Association Physical Anthropology meetings

Media Exposure

Discover Magazine (Anthropology Watch, June, 1994 issue)
Equinox Magazine (Nexus, December, 1995)
USA Today (Nov, 2000)
New York Times (Science Times, Dec, 2000)

@Discovery.ca (Jay Ingram, May, 1995)
A&E/BBC special "The Crystal Skulls" (June, 1996)
New York Times TV/National Geographic “Maya Suburbs” (June, 2001)
BBC/Alliance Films “Out of the Past” (May, 2003)

Community Service

Forensic investigation and analyses for London Police and Ontario Provincial Police
Workshops and information sessions on evolution for local public school children



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