Dr. Christine White
  Department of Anthropolgy     University of Western Ontario

South America Publications

Chapters in Books and Symposia

Szpak, P., Millaire, J-F, White, C.D. Longstaffe, F.J.
in press Life Histories of Sacrificed Camelids from Huancaco (Virú Valley). In Andean Sacrifice. Edited by Hagen van Klaus and Marla Toyne.

Webb, E., White, C., van Uum, S. and Longstaffe, F.J.
in press Residential mobility and stress in Nasca, Peru: New insights from cortisol and isotopic analysis of archaeological hair. Proceedings of the World Congress of Mummy Studies.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Toyne, M, White, C., Verano, J., Uceda Castillo, S., Hewitt, B. and Longstaffe, F.J.
in press Using Oxygen Stable Isotopes to explore Residential Histories and Sacrifice at Huacas de Moche, Peru. Journal of Archaeological Science.

Knudson, K., Webb, E., White, C. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2013 Baseline Data for Andean Paleomobility Research: A  Radiogenic Strontium Isotope Study of Peruvian Soils. Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.

Szpak, P., White, C., Longstaffe, F., Millaire, J-F, and Vásquez Sánchez, V.F.
2013 Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Survey of Northern Peruvian Plants: Baselines for Paleodietary and Paleoecological Studies. PLOS 1 8(1): e53763 (28 pgs)

Webb, E., White, C. and Longstaffe, F.J.
2013 Dietary shifting in the Nasca Region as inferred from the carbon- and nitrogen-isotope compositions of archaeological hair and bone. Journal of Archaeological Science 40:129-139.

Szpak, P., Millaire, J-F., Longstaffe, F. and White, C.
2012 Effects of seabird guano on the stable isotope composition and growth of maize (Zea mays): results from a controlled study. Journal of Archaeological Science 39:3721-3740

Szpak, P., Millaire, J-F., Longstaffe, F. and White, C.
2012  Stable isotope Biogeochemistry of Seabird Guano Fertilization: Results from Growth Chamber Studies with Maize (Zea Mays) Plos 1 7:e33741.  

Webb, E., White, C. and Longstaffe, F.
2011 Exploring geographic origins at Cahuachi using stable isotopic analysis of archaeological human tissues and modern environmental waters. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 23:698-715.

White, C., Nelson, A., Longstaffe, F. and Jung, A.
2009 Landscape bioarchaeology at Pacatnamu, Peru: Inferring mobility from δ13C and δ15N values in hair. Journal of Archaeological Science 36:1527-1537.

Articles in Non-refereed Journals

Nelson, A.J. and C.D. White
2000 You are what you eat: Isotopes and Archaeology. In The woman behind the mask:An osteobiography of a Precolumbian textile worker. Iconos: Revista Peruana de Conservación, Arte y Arqueología.4:30-39.



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