Lisa Hodgetts

Associate Professor

Inukshuk, Maguse Lake, Nunavut



Morris, Z., C. White, L. Hodgetts and F. Longstaffe
Submitted    Maize Provisioning of Ontario Late Woodland Turkeys: Isotopic Evidence of Seasonal, Cultural, Spatial and Temporal Variation. Journal of Archaeological Science.

Haukaas, C. and L. Hodgetts
In press    Applications of low-cost photogrammetry to document and disseminate archaeological remains on Banks Island, Arctic Canada. Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage.

Hodgetts, L.M., J.-F. Millaire, E. Eastaugh and C. Chapdelaine
2016    The Untapped Potential of Magnetic Survey in the Identification of Precontact Sites in Wooded Areas. Advances in Archaeological Practice 4(1):41-54.

Millaire, J.-F., E. Eastaugh and Hodgetts, L.M.
Prospection géophysique au site iroquoien de Mailhot-Curran. [Geophysical prospection at the Iroquoian site of Mailhot-Curran.] In Mailhot-Curran: un village iroquoien du XVIe siècle [Mailhot-Curran: a 16th century Iroquoian village], edited by Claude Chapdelaine, p. 69-82. Recherches amérindiennes au Québec, Collection Paléo-Québec no. 35, Montréal.

Moody, J.F. and L. Hodgetts
2014    Subsistence Practices of Pioneering Thule Inuit: A Faunal Analysis of Tiktalik. Arctic Anthropology 50: 4-24.

Eastaugh, E., C.J. Ellis, L. Hodgetts and J. Keron
2013    Problem-based magnetometer survey at the Late Archaic Davidson site (AhHk-54) in southwestern Ontario.  Canadian Journal of Archaeology 37(2): 274-301.

Hodgetts, L.M.
2013    Gendered Inuinnait landscapes of Banks Island’s Northern Interior, Arctic Canada.  Journal of Field Archaeology 37(4): 54-67.

Hodgetts, L. M.
2013    The Rediscovery of H.M.S. Investigator: Archaeology, Sovereignty and the Colonial Legacy  in Canada’s Arctic. Journal of Social Archaeology 13(1): 80-100.

Hodgetts, L., P. Dawson and E. Eastaugh
2011    Archaeological Magnetometry in an Arctic Setting: A Case Study from Maguse Lake, Nunavut. Journal of Archaeological Science 38:1754-1762.

Hodgetts, L.M.
2010    Subsistence Variability and the Late Stone Age Landscape of Varangerfjord, Northern Norway. Antiquity 84: 41-54.

Hodgetts, L.M.
2007    The Changing Pre-Dorset Landscape of Southwestern Hudson Bay, Canada. Journal of Field Archaeology 42 (4) 353-367.

Anderson, J. and Hodgetts, L.M.
2007    Pre-Dorset Technological Organisation and Land Use in Southwestern Hudson Bay. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 31: 224-249.

Hodgetts, L.M.
2006    Feast or Famine?  Seventeenth Century English Colonial Diet at Ferryland, Newfoundland.  Historical Archaeology 40(4):125-138. 

Hodgetts, L.M.
2005    Dorset Palaeoeskimo Harp Seal Exploitation at Phillip’s Garden (EeBi-1), Northwestern Newfoundland. In The Exploitation and Cultural Importance of Sea Mammals, edited by Gregory Monks, p. 62-76.  Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the International Council of Archaeozoology, Durham, August 2002. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Hodgetts, L.M.
2005    Using Bone Measurements to Determine the Season of Harp Seal Hunting at Phillip’s Garden. Newfoundland and Labrador Studies 20(1):91-106.

Hodgetts, L.M., M.A.P. Renouf, M.S. Murray, D. McCuaig-Balkwill and L. Howse
2003    Changing Subsistence Practices at the Dorset Palaeoeskimo site of Phillip’s Garden, Newfoundland. Arctic Anthropology 40(1):106-120.

Hodgetts, L.M. and F. Rahemtulla
2001     Land and Sea: Use of terrestrial mammal bones in coastal hunting-gathering communities. Antiquity 75:56-62.

Hodgetts, L.
2001    Seal exploitation and Intra-Site Variation in the Younger Stone Age of Varangerfjord, North Norway. Archaeological Sciences ‘97 Proceedings of the Conference held at the University of Durham 2nd-4th September 1997, edited by Andrew Millard, BAR International Series 939:109-116.

Hodgetts, L.M.
2000    Hunting reindeer to support a marine economy. An example from Arctic Norway.  Archaeofauna 9:17-28.

Hodgetts, L.M.
1999    A manual for the identification of the post-cranial skeleton of North Atlantic Phocid Seals.

This manual was an appendix to my 1999 PhD thesis.  Species attributions based on this document should be made with caution as there is considerable overlap in size and morpholgy between many of the species in question.  Many thanks to Linda Bosveld who did all of the line drawings, and Lindsay Foreman who scanned the images and created this PDF file.




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