Awards & Scholarships

Henry Bogal-Szot Fieldwork Award

Awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student registered in any module Anthropology module who is participating in eligible fieldwork. Selection will be based on academic achievement. View the APPLICATION for details. Deadline is early May each year.

Office of the Registrar

Scholarships and Awards are established and funded by individual donors, corporations, Faculties, Departments, and the governing body of the University of Western Ontario. Scholarships and Awards are awarded during the academic year based on the student's previous academic performance and current registration. Scholarship and Award recipients are issued T4A's in February for the previous taxation year. Registrars' Website

Gold Medal Award

Graduating students could be eligible to receive the Gold Medal Award in each of Honors Specialization and Major modules in each program. The recipient must have achieved: 1. An average of 80% or greater in the module, 2. Be registered in a course load of 5.0 courses, 3. A cumulative average within the top 10% of the students graduating from the department. For further details, please see the Gold Medal page in the Academic Calendar.

Lee Guemple Award

Awarded to an outstanding student in fourth year of an Honors Bachelor degree with either an Honors Specialization in Anthropology or a double Major including Anthropology. Recipients of this award will be chosen by a committee consisting of the Chair of Anthropology and two Undergraduate Counsellors. Selection will be based on third-year grades, academic achievement, contribution to the Department and other recognized measures of excellence. This award is the result of a gift from Professor D. Lee Guemple
Value: 1 @ $1,000

Ollie C. Cameron Award

Awarded to the full-time fourth year student in an Honors Bachelor degree with either an Honors Specialization in Anthropology or a double Major including Anthropology, who was ranked highest in at least 3.0 senior courses of the Department of Anthropology taken concurrently in the third year of the program. At least 0.5 course of the 3.0 senior courses must be archaeology.
Value: 1 @ $200