Teaching Labs

Bioarchaeology Teaching Laboratory (SSC 2257)

  • Our bioarchaeology teaching laboratory can accommodate up to 50 students and incorporates built in audiovisual/computer equipment. The lab is home to our extensive artefactual, skeletal and hominid fossil cast collection and includes over 500 items. The lab contains two annexes which contain our Zooarchaeological teaching collection and the Human Osteological collection.

Zooarchaeology Teaching Collection (housed in SSC 2257A)

  • Includes over 400 animal skeletons with specific focus on species from Ontario and the Arctic.

Human Osteology Teaching Collection (housed in 2257B)

  • Contains over 50 medical specimens, casts and archaeological material of European ancestry that include a wide range of ages, sex and pathologies. Also included are numerous casts for teaching age and sex determination including Suchey-Webb epiphyseal union, pubic age, rib age, dental development and Suchey-Sutherland pubic sex casts.

Digital Media Laboratory (SSC 3315)

  • The Digital Media laboratory is used for teaching computer-based courses and seminars that require specialized digital equipment and software. It contains seven desktop computers, audio mixer and amplifier, a webcam and fixed LCD projector. Digital equipment includes twenty digital voice recorders and two digital video recorders. Specialist software includes, but is not limited to NVivo (Lingustics) and ArcGIS (geospatial), SPSS (Statistics) and Final cut pro (video editing).