Anthropology Program Modules

The Anthropology program offers several different modules allowing you to incorporate anthropology into your degree, or to specialize in some particular field of anthropology. The various modules allow students to develop both specialized and more general degree programs, so you have the choice of focusing on one anthropological field, taking a more generalist anthropology degree, or combining anthropology with work in other disciplines.

Knowing that many students develop an interest in anthropology through a single introductory course, or even through one of our open second year courses, we have recently made some changes to our modules to ensure that anyone who wants to do a module with us can do a module with us. 

Students who have already been registered in an Anthropology module from a previous year may continue to follow their current module. Alternatively, students can switch and follow the new module versions moving forward. Please check in with us if you have any concerns or if any special permission for substitution may be required.

Please feel free to get in touch with the Undergraduate Program Advisor if you have any questions about the anthropology modules or help with course planning, or to see how adding an anthropology module might fit into your current program plan.

Below are links to all of the current Anthropology modules in the Academic Calendar.


Interdisciplinary Minors

The Anthropology program is a participant in the following interdisciplinary minor programs. These minors can be added to Anthropology's specializations or the majors, in which case, 1.0 credits can be counted towards both modules. Substitution of courses is permitted in these minors. Please get in touch with Laura to discuss potential alternative courses.