Course Information

Mountains in Peru

All incoming students are required to take two core courses (Thinking Anthropologically and Research Design in Anthropology). Some of our elective courses are aimed at a broad range of students from anthropology and from other disciplines, but we also offer seminars of specialized topics.

Course Requirements by Degree:

  • PhD Students: 5.0 courses (2.0 required & 3.0 elective)
  • MA Students in BA & SC Streams: 6.0 courses (2.0 required & 4.0 elective)
  • MA Students in AA Stream: 5.0 courses (3.0 required & 2.0 elective)
  • Students in every degree are required to complete 4 terms of the Graduate Research Seminar - this will be recorded as a milestone on the student's academic record.


Early in the summer you will receive a Course Pre-registation form with a list of all the graduate courses that will be offered in the coming year. You should consult with your interim advisor/supervisor to help you select yourwhen selecting courses.Anthropology 

Please submit your Course Pre-registration form by July 15. On-line registration for graduate courses will begin in early August for fall term, and early December for winter term.

Graduate Research Seminar

Attendance at four terms of the Graduate Research Seminar is required to complete your degree. It is held on Fridays from 1:30 to 2:30 from September to April. Upon completion, this will be recorded as a milestone on your student record.

Directed Reading Courses

If you plan to take a Directed Reading Course you should first consult with your supervisor and with the faculty member who will be supervising the reading course, and then obtain the Graduate Chair's approval. The Directed Reading Course form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant Office by the second week of term.

Courses Outside Anthropology

If you intend to take courses outside the department, you need to consult with the Graduate Chair, and your supervisor. A Request to Enrol in a Course Outside the Home Department form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant by the second week of term.

Auditing Graduate Courses

Students must declare an intention to audit a graduate course by the enrolment deadline for the term, using the Graduate Course Audit form. The student must have the instructor's signed approval to audit the course, as well as approval from the supervisor (if applicable) and Graduate Chair. An Audit requires regular attendance and any other obligations as stated by the course instructor in the Comments/Expectations section of the Graduate Course Audit form. If these requirements are not met, the audit will be removed from the student’s record at the instructor's request.

After the enrolment deadline, a student may not make a change from auditing a course to taking it for credit, or vice versa, within a given term. A student may, in a subsequent term, enroll in a given course for credit that has previously been audited.

Graduate courses delivered online may not be audited without special permission from the program.

Undergraduate Courses

An undergraduate course may be taken with permission of the student's supervisor and the course instructor. However, unless the course is required to complete the student's graduate degree program, the student will be required to pay tuition for the course. An Undergraduate Course for Graduate Students form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant by the second week of term.

Course Numbering

Course numbers subscripted "A/B" are half courses and may be offered in either term; "A" indicates a Fall-term half course, "B" a Winter-term half course. Full (two-term) courses, or courses which continue until completed (e.g., thesis), have no subscript.