Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Western Anthropology faculty and students across the four fields have active research projects across Latin America and the Caribbean including Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, and Peru, as well as diaspora populations in other parts of the world including Canada and the United States. Our interests and strengths include anthropological perspectives on:

  • Bodies and health
  • Human relations, inequality, and power
  • Individual, social, and cultural identities
  • Interactions between the environment and society


These interests are articulated by studying intersectional identities in Brazil, mummies in Peru, historical health policy in Ecuador, endangered languages in the Lowland Amazon, and political crisis and intervention in Haiti.


Selected Publications

Explore our curated list of publications related to Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

  • Nelson, A.J., Motley, J., Watson, L.C., Williams, J., Kirgis, P., Huchet, B-B., Gauld, S., Poeta, L., Ward, A., Nakahodo, N., Woodley, K., Andersen, H., Rountree, S., Succee, R., Baldeos, J., Fuentes, S., y Pozzi-Escot, D. In press. Headless Burials from Pachacamac, Peru: A taphonomic approach to reconstructing mortuary ritual. Bioarchaeology International.


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