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The University of Western Ontario
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Men of Derolengam


I've been teaching at Western since 1977, having come from UBC, where I had the good fortune to TA for my supervisor, Ken Burridge. Ken taught me many things, and when it came to teaching he made it clear that there is no substitute for direct contact with students. Although the funding situation over the last decade has meant more students taught by fewer faculty, I still encourage students to come and talk with me about their plans and ideas. Such talks most often arise in the context of essay writing, something which I emphasize in all my teaching.

The courses I've taught over the years have ranged from the perennial introductory courses -- which I take to be central to our role in university education -- to courses on the ethnography of the Pacific, gender, medical anthropology, the history of anthropological theory, symbolic anthropology, political ecology and the anthropology of resource frontiers. I'm currently teaching Anthropology 2203: Indigenous Peoples, Globalization and the Environment.