Peter Timmins
Department of Anthropology


The University of
Western Ontario


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Research Monographs
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1985    The Analysis and Interpretation of Radiocarbon Dates in Iroquoian Archaeology.  Research Report No. 19, Museum of Indian Archaeology, An Affiliate of The University of Western Ontario.  London.  (179 pages)

Research Papers
In Press Don’t Fence Me In: New Insights into Iroquoian Village Organization. In Tipping the Scales: Variable Scale Models in Recent Iroquoian Archaeology, T. Knapp and L. Miroff, eds. University of Oklahoma Press.

In Press  At the Crossroads and Periphery: The Archaic Archaeological Record of Southern Ontario (with C.J. Ellis and Holly Martelle). In Archaic Societies of the Midwest, T. Emerson and K. Farnsworth (eds.).

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