Gehman Lecture

John Gehman was a sociocultural anthropologist who was one of the initial cohort of faculty in the department, and had taught undergraduates from the 1970s until his retirement in 2009 (shortly after which he passed away).  John Gehman inspired and guided students throughout their careers, and through this Lecture Series we honour him and the department’s commitment to the best undergraduate education possible.

Previous Speakers Include:

2021 - Dr. Anne Meneley.  Plants of Resistance and Hope  * Zoom

2021 - Dr. Nicholas Harney.  Crowds, Mobility & Governing Migrants  *Zoom

2020 - Cancelled due to Covid-19 Closure

2019 - Dr. Michael Cepek.  Standing with Oil: Anthropological Ehtics and Activism on an Amazonian Petro-Frontier

2018 - Dr. Jason De Leon.  Soldiers and Kings: Phtoethnographic Practice in the Context of SMuggling Across Mexico

2017 - Dr. Katja Neves.  Post-Normal Conservation: Reordering Biodiversity Governance

2016 - Dr. Heather Paxson.  The Life of Cheese: Negotiating the Values of an Unfinished Commodity

2015 - Dr. Luke Eric Lassiter.  Doing Ethnography Today

2014 - Dr. Alex Golub.  Cause and Effect: Responsibility for Social Disorder at the Porgera Gold Mine

2013 - Dr. Lindsay Dubois.  Angry Old Men and Women: Argentina's Activist Pensioners

2012 - Dr. Jane Hill.  The Shoshonean Wedge: Language Dynmaics and the Uto-Aztecans in California

2011 - Dr. Joshua Bell.   The Sorcery of Sugar: Intersecting Agencies and Materialites of the 1928 USDA Sugarcane Expedition to New Guinea

2010 - Dr. Joel Robbins.  Keeping God's Distance: Sacrifice, Possession, and the Politics of Religoious Mediation