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December 2013

Another PhD Student Wins Award:

Hearty congratulations to Western PhD candidate Jordan Levy. At the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association held in Chicago last weekend (November 20-24th) it was officially announced that Jordan had been awarded the Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology's 2013 Whiteford Graduate Student Award in Applied and Engaged Anthropology, for his paper entitled "Schoolteachers and National ‘Public’ Education in Honduras:Navigating the Reforms and Re-Founding the State."

MA Student Wins Award:

Our sincerest congratulations to John Dunlop, a Western MA candidate in the Applied Archaeology stream, who was a presented with the award for best student paper given this past weekend at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Ontario Archaeological Society in Niagara Falls. John’s paper was entitled: "Geophysical Survey Applications to Southern Ontario Archaeology: An Examination of Recent Trends and Future Applications."

PhD Student Wins Award:

Congratulations to one of our Phd candidates, Mathew Teeter, for winning the CAPA student paper prizes awarded at the 2013 Annual Meeting at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) for his poster paper entitled, “Bone health in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt (150-450AD): confirming the diagnosis of osteoporosis in 4 females using density estimations derived from metric analysis of the first metatarsal”

September 2013

Article by Mike Spence:

"So here we go…"  writes Mike Spence, Professor Emeritus at Western. Mike was recently invited to contribute an autobiographical article to Ancient Mesoamerica looking back over his career as one of North America's most distinguished Mesoamerican archaeologists. The article, “Finding a Balance,” is available in Ancient Mesoamerica (2012), Vol. 23, pp. 1-7. You can read Mike's article by clicking HERE.

A news article in Northern News Services Online featuring Dr. Lisa Hodgetts entitled 'Uncovering history: Ikaahuk Archaeology Project prepares for next year'. Click HERE for article.

July 2013

A news article in USA Today featuring Dr. Andrew Wade and Dr. Andrew Nelson entitled 'Grisly Egyptian mummy mysteries unraveled'. Click HERE for article.

June 2013

The recently awarded SSHRC Partnership Grant has been awarded to a team led by Dr. Regna Darnell to compile, edit and publish the papers of famed anthropologist Franz Boas.

May 2013

Graduate and Post-Graduate Scholarship Award Winners:

A number of graduate and post-graduate students of Anthropology recently have been awarded scholarships/fellowships to support their continuing studies at Western and elsewhere. Hearty congratulations to these award winners who include:

Dr. Mark Dolson (PhD Western) who was awarded a SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship to continue his studies in sociocultural anthropology at Cambridge University in the UK.

Dr. Patty Wells (PhD Memorial) who has received a SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship to come to Western and continue her archaeological researches in faunal analysis working with faculty member Dr. Lisa Hodgetts.

PhD Candidate Paul Szpak who was recently awarded a Killam Post-Doctoral Fellowship to continue his researches in isotopic anthropology post-PhD at the University of British Columbia.

PhD candidate Renee Willmon who was recently awarded a SSHRC Canada Doctoral Fellowship, Canada’s most prestigious doctoral award, to continue her researches in biological anthropology. Renee, who is enrolled in the co-tutelle PhD program combining studies at UWO and La Sorbonne, was also awarded a French Government Scholarship by the Embassy of France in Canada.

PhD candidate Zoe Morris who was recently awarded a Mitacs Post-Doctoral Fellowship to continue her researches post-PhD at Western’s CFI Funded Sustainable Archaeology facility located at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.

Grants and Honours for Anthropology Faculty:

Congratulations to these department faculty members who were recently awarded external research grants or other honours:

Dr. Regna Darnell sucessfully spearheaded a successful SSHRC Partnership Grant application to compile, edit and publish the papers of famed anthropologist Franz Boas. Dr. Darnell was also among the first group of scholars recently honoured by being named Fellows of the Canadian Anthropology Society. This award has been presented to a select group of individuals “who have built the discipline as we know it in Canada and who have given generously to the public, the discipline and the Society.”

Dr. Christopher Ellis who was recently awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant to continue his archaeological researches at the Late Archaic (ca. 2500–800 BC) Davidson Site in Ontario for 2013-2015. With that award, all archaeologists in the department now have external SSHRCC funding support.


March 2013

2,400-Year-Old Myths of Mummy-Making Busted. Embalming was a competitive business, and the tricks of the trade were closely guarded secrets, said study co-author Andrew Wade, an anthropologist at the University of Western Ontario. See full article HERE.


March 2013

Significant Publications of Doctoral Student

A paper by Anthropology PhD candidate Paul Szpak (Fish bone chemistry and ultrastructure: implications for taphonomy and stable isotope analysis), published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, generally regarded as the top journal in the world for natural science studies related to archaeology, and certainly amongst the top five for archaeology in general, has been rated the hottest or most downloaded/read article in that journal for 2012 by SciVerse ScienceDirect. This paper has already been cited a number of times and often in fields much beyond archaeology per se. Another paper by Paul written with three colleagues (T. J. Orchard, I. McKechnie, and D. R. Grocke), and for which Paul was senior author (Historical ecology of late Holocene sea otters (Enhydra lutris) from northern British Columbia: isotopic and zooarchaeological perspectives), was ranked the 19th hottest article for 2012.


Janurary 2013

Some news conference that Andrew Wade did in Montreal.