Chet A. Creider

Education Employment Field Research Research Interests

anthropological linguistics, sociolinguistics, linguistic theory (syntax, morphology, WordGrammar), Homeric Greek, Medieval Latin, Nilotic languages, Norwegian, ethnography of East Africa

Research Grants

Other Grants Courses Taught

Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Linguistics, Language and Culture, Ethnography of Africa, Field Methods, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Phonetics and Phonological Analysis, Syntax and Semantics, Historical Linguistics

Administrative Service (faculty level)

Promotion and Tenure Committees of Faculties of Education and Applied Health Sciences

Professional Service


Books Edited Book Articles in journals Chapters in books Reports Reviews in American Anthropologist, Culture, Journal of African Languages and Linguistics, Journal of Anthropological Linguistics, Language, Lingua, Scandinavian Studies. Papers presented at meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Annual Conference of African Linguistics, Canadian Ethnology Society, Linguistic Association of Great Britain, Linguistic Society of America.

Last updated May 2008