Recent Faculty Publications

Below you will find a brief listing of representative and recent publications by faculty members in the department. For a detailed overview of faculty interests and publications, check out individual faculty members personal webpages.

Faculty publications range from full scale monographs to scholarly papers in journals published all over the world. Faculty are also involved in publishing research findings in places such as magazines and popular texts, as part of their engagement with the wider communities around them.

Greg Beckett

Some of my publications are available at https://uwontario.academia.ed/GregBeckett

Forthcoming. How Crisis Feels: Living and Dying in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. University of California Press.

2017. The Politics of Disjuncture, Or Freedom from a Caribbean Point of View. Small Axe No 53 21(2):184–92.

2017. The Abolition of All Privilege: Race, Equality, and Freedom in the Work of Anténor Firmin. Critique of Anthropology 37(2):160–78.

2017. A Dog’s Life: Reflections on the Humanitarian Situation in Haiti. American Anthropologist 119(1):35–45.

2014. The Art of Not Governing Port-au-Prince. Social and Economic Studies 63(2): 97–123.

2013. The Ontology of Freedom: The Unthinkable Miracle of Haiti. Journal of Haitian Studies 19(2): 54–74.

2013. Thinking with Others: Savage Thoughts about Anthropology and the West. Small Axe 42: 166–181.

2013. The Politics of Emergency. Reviews in Anthropology 42(2): 85–101.

2013. Rethinking the Haitian Crisis. In The Idea of Haiti: History, Development and the Creation of New Narratives, Millery Polyné, ed. University of Minnesota Press, pp. 27–49.

2010. Phantom Power: Notes on Provisionality in Haiti. In Anthropology and Global Counterinsurgency. John D. Kelly, Beatrice Jauregui, Sean T. Mitchell, and Jeremy Walton eds. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 39-51.

2004. Master of the Wood: Moral Authority and Political Imaginaries in Haiti. PoLAR: The Political and Legal Anthropology Review. 27(2): 1–19.

Lindsay Bell

Under Review: Instructing / Improvising Health: Neoliberalism and Pre-diabetes Prevention on a US College Campus. Culture, Theory and Critique.

2017 “Soft skills, hard rocks: Making Diamonds Ethical in Canada’s Northwest Territories” FOCAAL: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology. Pp.74-88

2016 “Searching for Evidence Based-Traditions: Addiction treatment in Canada’s Northwest Territories”. Medicine Anthropology, Theory. 3(1).

2016 Sustaining the Nation: Natural Resources and the Making of a National Linguistic Minority. Oxford UP. With Monica Heller, Michelle Daveluy, Hubert Noel and Mireille McLaughlin.

2012 “In Search of Hope: Mobility on the Canadian Frontier” In Lem, W and P Gardiner-Barber (eds.) 21st Century Migration: Eth¬nography and Political Economy. Routledge: London, 207-246.

2011 Heller, Monica & Lindsay Bell “Frontiers and Frenchness: pride and profit in the production of Canada”. In Alexandre Duchêne et Heller, Monica (éd.), Language in Late Capitalism: Pride and Profit. London: Routledge, 254-285.

2010 “Economic Insecurity as Opportunity: Job Training and the Canadian Diamond Industry” in Daveluy, M, F Lévesque, and J Ferguson (eds.) Humanizing Security in the Arctic. Canadian Circumpolar Institute Press: Edmonton, 293-304.

Kim Clark

2015 “New Arenas of State Action in the Ecuadorian Highlands: Public Health and State Formation, c. 1925-1950.” In State Theory and Andean Politics: New Approaches to the Study of Rule, edited by Christopher Krupa and David Nugent, pp. 126-141. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

2012 Gender, State and Medicine in Highland Ecuador: Modernizing Women, Modernizing the State, 1895-1950. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

2012 A Project of Governing and its Contradictions: Maternal-Infant Care in Highland Ecuador. In Governing Cultures: Ethnographic Perspectives on Political Labor, Power, and Government, edited by Kendra Coulter and William R. Schumann, pp. 47-67. New York: Palgrave-MacMillan.

2007 Highland Indians and the State in Modern Ecuador. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press  [co-edited with Marc Becker].

Ian Colquhoun

2016 Blue-eyed Black Lemur (Eulemur flavifrons -- Gray, 1867), and Black Lemur (Eulemur macaco -- Linnaeus, 1766); pp. 65 & 67-68 in: All the World’s Primates (Noel Rowe and Marc Myers, eds.).  East Hampton, New York: Pogonias Press (on-line version, see: ).

2016 Sato, H., Santini, L., Patel, E. R., Campera, M., Yamashita, N., Colquhoun, I. C., and Donati, G. Dietary Flexibility and Feeding Strategies of Eulemur: A Comparison with Propithecus.  International Journal of Primatology 37(1) -- Special Issue: New Research Directions in the Genus Eulemur (Guest editors Giuseppe Donati and Steig Johnson): 109-129; doi: 10.1007/s10764-015-9877-6

2015 Community-managed conservation efforts at Tsingy Mahaloka/KOFAMA, northern Madagascar: Right place at the wrong time?  Madagascar Conservation & Development 10, S1: 35-41 (Available at: ).

2014 Schwitzer, C., Mittermeier, R. A., Johnson, S. E., Donati, G., Irwin,  M., Peacock, H.,Ratsimbazafy, J., Razafindramanana, J., Louis, E. E., Chikhi, L., Colquhoun, I. C.,Tinsman, J., Dolch, R., LaFleur, M., Nash, S., Patel, E., Randrianambinina, B.,Rasolofoharivelo, T., and Wright, P. C.  Averting Lemur Extinctions amid Madagascar’s Political Crisis.  Science 343 (6173): 842-843; doi: 10.1126/science.1245783 .

2011 A Review and Interspecific Comparison of Nocturnal and Cathemeral Strepsirhine  Primate Olfactory Behavioural Ecology.  International Journal of Zoology – Focus Issue: Behavioural Ecology; Volume 2011, Article ID 362976, doi: 10.1155/2011/362976 (see: ).

Regna Darnell

2017  Franz Boas as Theorist: A Mentalist Paradigm for the Study of Mind, Body, Environment and Culture.  In Regna Darnell and Frederick W. Gleach, eds., Historicizing Identity, Theory, Nation.  Histories of Anthropology 11.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press.

2016  Cultural Structures of First Nations Imagination:  A Social Science View of First Nations Writing in English.  In John S. Long and Jennifer S. H. Brown, eds., Together We Survive.  Ethnographic Intuitions, Friendships and Conversations.  Montreal:  McGill-Queens Press.

2016  Regna Darnell and Frederick W. Gleach, eds., Local Knowledge, Global Stage.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press.

2015  Mind, Body and the Native Point of View:  Boasian Theory at the Centennial of The Mind of Primitive Man.  In Regna Darnell, Michelle Hamilton, Robert L. A. Hancock and Joshua Smith, eds.  Franz Boas as Public Intellectual:  Theory, Ethnography, Activism.  Franz Boas Papers:  Documentary Edition, volume 1.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press.

2015  Applied Anthropology:  Disciplinary Oxymoron?  Weaver-Tremblay Award Address, Canadian Anthropology Society.  Anthropologica 57:  1-11.

2015  Regna Darnell and Frederick W. Gleach, eds., Corridor Talk to Culture History.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press.

2014  Phaedra Henley, Megan Lowthers, G. Koren, P.T. Fedha, E. Russell, S. Van Uum, S. Arya,  Regna Darnell, Irina Creed, Charles Trick, and Jack Bend.  Cultural and Socio-economic Conditions as Factors contributing to Chronic Stress in Sub-Saharan African Communities.  Canadian Journal of Physiological Pharmacology 92: 725-732.

2013  Phaedra Henley, Z. Jahedmotlagh, S. Thomson, J. Hill, Regna Darnell, Dean Jacobs, Joyce Johnson, Naomi C. Williams, Rosemary M. Williams,  S. Van Uum, Jack Bend and G. Koren.  Hair Cortisol as a Biomarker of Stress among a First Nation in Canada.  Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 35:  595-599.

Christopher Ellis

2016 Early Human Settlement of Northeast North America. PaleoAmerica 2: in press. (with J.C. Lothrop, D. Lowery and A. E. Spiess)

2015 For Immediate Occupancy: Cosy 3000 Year Old Heritage Winter House with River View Near Lake Huron. Apply to Terminal Archaic Realty. In Building the Past: Studies of Prehistoric Wooden 11 Post Architecture in the Ohio Valley-Great Lakes Region, edited by Brian G. Redmond and Robert A. Genheimer, pp. 29-62. University Presses of Florida, Gainesville (with J. R. Keron, J. H. Menzies, S. G. Monckton and A. Stewart)

2014 The Gosling Site (AiHb-189), A Small Parkhill Phase Paleoindian Site in Guelph, Ontario. Ontario Archaeology 94: 81-111. (with D. R. Poulton)

2014 Paleoindians. In: Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, edited by Claire Smith. Springer Reference. Springer-Verlag, Berlin and Heidelberg: forthcoming.

2013 Clovis Lithic Technology: The Devil is in the Details. Reviews in Anthropology 42:127-160.

2013 Problem-Based Magnetometer Survey at the Late Archaic Davidson Site (AhHk-54) in Southwestern Ontario. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 37(2):274-301. (with E. Eastaugh, L. Hodgetts and J. Keron)

Randa Farah

2013. "Palestinian Refugees, the Nation, and the Shifting Political Landscape", Social Alternatives, 32:3, pp. 41-47.

2011. “”Knowledge in the Service of the Cause": Education and the Sahrawi Struggle for Self-determination”, Refuge, 27:1 (submitted, reviewed and accepted).

2010.  “UNRWA: Through the Eyes of its Palestinian Employees”, Refugee Survey Quarterly, Oxford 28: 2-3, pp. 389-411. 

2010. “Sovereignty on Borrowed Territory: Sahrawi Identity in Algeria”, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Summer/Fall 2010, pp.59-66.

2009. “Refugee Camps in the Palestinian and Sahrawi National Liberation Movements: A Comparative Perspective”, Journal of Palestine Studies, JPS No. 150, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 2. pp. 76-93.

2006. “Palestinian Refugees: Dethroning the Nation at the Crowning of the ‘Statelet’?” Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies Vol. 8, pp. 229-252.

Neal Ferris

2015 New Worlds: Ethics in Contemporary North American Archaeological Practice. Neal Ferris and John Welch. In Ethics and Archaeological Praxis, edited by Cristóbal Gnecco and Dorothy Lippert, pp. 69-93. Springer Books, New York.

2014 Rethinking Colonial Pasts through Archaeology. Edited by Neal Ferris, Rodney Harrison (University College London), and Michael Wilcox (Stanford University). Oxford University Press, Oxford.

2014 Beyond Archaeological Agendas: In the Service of a Sustainable Archaeology. Neal Ferris and John Welch. In Transforming Archaeology:

Activist Practices and Prospects, edited by Sonja Atalay, Lee Rains Claus, Randall McGuire and John R. Welch, pp. 215-238. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California.

2013 Introduction: Seeing Ontario’s Past Archaeologically. In Before Ontario: The Archaeology of a Province, edited by Marit Munson and Susan Jamieson, pp. 3-20. McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal and Kingston.

2009 The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism: Challenging History in the Great Lakes. University of Arizona Press, Tuscon.

Tania Granadillo

2014 Negation in the Arawak Language Family. Leiden: Brill. (Co-edited with Lev Michael.)

2014 Dialogue on Dialect Standardization. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. (Co-edited with Carrie Dyck, Keren Rice, and Jorge Emilio Roses Labrada.)

2011 Ethnographic Contributions to the Study of Endangered Languages.  Tucson: University of Arizona Press. (edited with H. Orcutt-Gachiri)

2011  Kurripako and Its Speakers in Venezuela: A Linguistic Anthropological Analysis of Language Endangerment.  In Ethnographic contributions to the study of Endangered Languages, edited by  T. Granadillo, and H. Orcutt-Gachiri, pp. 134-146. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

2010 The Sociophonetics of Prosodic Contours on neg in Three Language Communities: Teasing Apart Socio-, Linguistic and Phonetic Influences On Speech.  In A Reader in Sociophonetics, edited by D. Preston and N. Niedzielski, pp. 133-176. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.  (with M. Yaeger-Dror, and S.Takano)

2010 El Kurripako en Venezuela: una lengua amenazada con necesidad de documentación. Antropológica 114:67-85

2008 Agreement in Two Arawak Languages: Baure and Kurripako. In The Typology of Semantic Alignment, edited by M. Donohue, and S. Wichmann, pp. 396-411. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (with S. Danielsen)

2008 Case Marking in Kurripako (Arawak): Asymmetries Among Core and Oblique Arguments.  Amerindia 32:77-88.

Lisa Hodgetts

2016    The Untapped Potential of Magnetic Survey in the Identification of Precontact Sites in Wooded Areas. Advances in Archaeological Practice 4(1):41-54. (with J.-F. Millaire, E. Eastaugh and C. Chapdelaine)

2016    The Untapped Potential of Low-Cost Photogrammetry in Community-Based Archaeology: A Case Study From Banks Island, Arctic Canada. Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage 3(1):40-56. (with C. Haukaas)

2014 -  Subsistence Practices of Pioneering Thule Inuit: A Faunal Analysis of Tiktalik. Arctic Anthropology, forthcoming. (with J. Moody)

2013 Gendered Inuinnait (Copper Inuit) Landscapes of Banks Island’s Northern Interior, Arctic Canada, 17th‐20th Centuries A.D.  Journal of Field Archaeology

2013  The Rediscovery of HMS Investigator: Archaeology, Sovereignty and the Colonial Legacy in Canada’s Arctic. Journal of Social Archaeology 13:80-100. 38:54-67.

Dan Jorgensen

2016a The garden and beyond: the dry season, the Ok Tedi shutdown, and the footprint of the 2015 El Nino drought. Oceania 86(1):25-39.

2016b Toby and the “Mobile System”: apocalypse and salvation in Papua New Guinea’s wireless network. To appear in: The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones: Pacific Island Perspectives, Robert Foster and Heather Horst, eds. Canberra: ANU E-Press.

2016c Melanesian religion. To appear in: The Oxford Handbook of the Anthropology of Religion, Simon Coleman and Joel Robbins, eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (with John Barker)

2014 Mining narratives and multiple geographies in Papua New Guinea: Ok Tedi, the emerald cave, and Lost Tribes. Journal de la Société des Océanistes 138/139:23-36.

2007 Clan-finding and Clan-making: Legibility and the Politics of Identity in a Papua New Guinea Mining Project. In Customary Land Tenure and Registration in Indigenous Australia and Papua New Guinea, edited by James Weiner and Katie Glaskin, pp. 57-72. Canberra: Asia-Pacific Environment Monographs, ANU E-Press.

Jean François-Millaire

2016  J.-F. Millaire, G. Prieto, F. Surette, E. M. Redmond, C. S. Spencer   Statecraft and Expansionary Dynamics: A Virú Outpost at Huaca Prieta, Chicama Valley, Peru. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America (PNAS).

2016  J. Castañeda Murga and J.-F. Millaire  Agua, tierra y recursos: Una historia ambiental del valle de Virú, Ss. XVI-XIX. Perspectivas latinoamericanas 12:50-67.

2015  P. Szpak, J.-F. Millaire, C. D. White, G. F. Lau, F. Surette, and F. J. Longstaffe  Origins of Prehispanic Camelid Wool Textiles from the North and Central Coasts of Peru Traced by Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Analysis. Current Anthropology 56(3):449–459.

2014  J.-F. Millaire and E. Eastaugh   Geophysical Survey on the Coast of Peru: The Early Prehispanic City of Gallinazo Group in the Virú Valley. Latin American Antiquity 25(3):239–255.

2014  P. Szpak, J.-F. Millaire, C. D. White, and F. J. Longstaffe   Small Scale Camelid Husbandry on the North Coast of Peru (Virú Valley): Insight from Stable Isotope Analysis. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 36:110–129.

Andrew Nelson

2016 Kozachuk, MS, Martin, RR, Nelson, AJ, Hudson, RHE, Macfie, SM, Biesinger, MC, Walzak, MJ, Ellis, L, Suda, A, & Heginbotham, A. Possible radiation-induced damage to the molecular structure of wooden artifacts due to micro-computed tomography, handheld X-ray fluorescence, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic techniques.  Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies 14(1): 2, pp. 1–6.

2015 Nelson, AJ & Wade, AD.  IMPACT: Development of a radiological mummy database.  Anatomical Record 298:941–948.

2015 Beckett, RG & Nelson, AJ. Mummy restoration project among the Anga of Papua New Guinea.  Anatomical Record 298:1013–1025.

2014 Wade, AD, Lawson, B, Nelson, AJ & Tampieri, D. Hybrid ritual: Abdominal incision plate use in a case of transperineal evisceration.  Yearbook of Mummy Studies 2: 103-108.

2013 Wade, AD & Nelson, AJ. Evisceration and excerebration in the Egyptian mummification tradition.  Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 4198-4206.        

Karen Pennesi

2016 “'They can learn to say my name': Redistributing Responsibility for Integrating Immigrants to Canada.” Anthropologica 58(1):46-59.

2016 “Diversity and Names: Designing for Belonging.” Belonging, Identity, Language, Diversity Research Group (BILD). Blog posted 8 May 2016. Available at:

2015 “Constructing 'Farmer' and 'State' Identities in Moral Discourses about Semi-subsistence Agriculture in Northeast Brazil”. Journal of Latin American Studies 47(4): 781-809.

2014 “Reading and Righting the Names at a Convocation Ceremony: Ideological Influences on Name Usage in an Institutional Interaction. Names: A Journal of Onomastics 62(1): 37-48.

2013 “Predictions as Lies in Ceará, Brazil: the intersection of two cultural models.” Anthropological Quarterly 86(3):759-790.

More about Karen Pennesi

Adriana Premat

2012  Sowing Change: The Making of Havana's Urban Agriculture. Nashville, TN: Vanderbilt University Press.

2009 State Power, Private Plots and the Greening of Havana's Urban Agriculture Movement. City and Society 21(1):28-57.

2005 Moving between the map and the ground: shifting perspectives on urban agriculture in Havana, Cuba. In: Agropolis: The Social, Political and Environmental Dimensions of Urban Agriculture, Luc A. Mougeot, ed. Ottawa: Earthscan/IDRC.

Peter Timmins

2010 Going Beyond Professional and Research “Enclaves”: An Appreciation of Michael W. Spence. In The “Compleat Archaeologist”: Papers in Honour of Michael Spence, edited by C. J. Ellis, N. Ferris, P. Timmins and C. D. White, pp. 1-17. Occasional Publications of the London Chapter, Ontario Archaeological Society, No. 9 (co-published as Ontario Archaeology 85-88). (with C. Ellis, N. Ferris and P. Timmins)

2009 Don’t Fence Me In: New Insights into Iroquoian Village Organization. In Iroquoian Archaeology & Analytical Scale, L. Miroff and T. Knapp, eds., pp. 51-67, University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.

2009 At the Crossroads and Periphery: The Archaic Archaeological Record of Southern Ontario (with C.J. Ellis and Holly Martelle). In Archaic Societies: Diversity and Complexity Across the Midcontinent, edited by Thomas E. Emerson, Andrew Fortier and Dale McElrath, pp. 787-840. State University of New York Press, Albany.

2006 Bruce Trigger’s Impact on Ontario Iroquoian Settlement Pattern Studies (with D. Smith, G. Warrick, R. McDonald and R. Pearce). In The Archaeology of Bruce Trigger: Theoretical Empiricism, edited by R. Williamson and M. Bisson, pp. 114-134. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Andrew Walsh

2015   Lost and/or Left Behind in a Malagasy Outpost of the ‘Underworld of     Gemstones.Critique of Anthropology 35(1): 30-46.

2014   Tourism. Oxford Bibliographies in “African Studies”. Ed. Thomas Spear. New York: Oxford University Press.

2013    Gems of Ankarana: The commodification and generification of Madagascar’s natural wonders. In: The Ecotourism/Extraction Nexus: Political Economies and Rural Realities of (un)Comfortable Bedfellows. Bram Büscher and Veronica Davidov, eds. New York: Routledge. Pp. 35-54.

2012   Made in Madagascar: Sapphires, Ecotourism and the Global Bazaar. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

2012   After the Rush: Living With Uncertainty in a Malagasy Mining Town. Africa, 82(2): 235-251.