Thin-Sectioning and Microscopy Lab (TSML)

The thin-sectioning and microscopy lab, located in Social Science Centre (SSC) 3419, has equipment and supplies for the preparation and imaging of thin-sections prepared from archaeological materials including ceramics, bones, and teeth. We have an Isomet Low Speed Precision Saw (Beuhler) with 3 to 5 inch diamond blades for sectioning. Mounting of samples is possible with a variety of chucks, dental sticky wax, and hot plate. Materials and equipment for embedding samples in epoxy resin are available for delicate samples. We have countertop Polishing and Grinding Machines and materials for hand grinding and polishing as well as an assortment of glass slides to mount thin-sections of various sizes. Additional equipment includes a handheld Dremel tool, Hillson-Fitzgerald dental callipers, an ultrasonic cleaner, a magnetic stirrer hot plate, and an adjustable desktop illuminated magnifier.

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