2018-2019 Course List


1000-level                                                                                            Updated: August 20, 2018

1020        Many Ways of Being Human
1025F/G   Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
1026F/G   Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology
1027A/B   Introduction to Linguistics


2100     Archaeology and World Prehistory *Distance Studies
2101B   Great Archaeological Sites *Distance Studies *NEW
  NOTE: like 2100, 2101B is a general-interest course that cannot be counted toward any Anthropology module except the Minor.

2216F   Cultures of Latin America *Distance Studies
2218F   Contemporary First Nations Issues in Canada
2219G  Cultures of the Middle East
2222G   Debates in Sociocultural Anthropology
2226B   Biological Anthropology
2229F   Principles of Archaeology
2234F   Andean Prehistory
2238B   Reading Life and Death through the Human Body
2239B   Mummies: The Scientific and Cultural Analysis of Human Mummies
2245F   Anthropological Approaches to Language
2249F   Discourse Analysis
2252F   Languages in Canada *NEW!
2265F   Primate Behavior *Distance Studies
2267B   Anthropology of Zoos *Distance Studies *NEW
2272F and G   Anthropology of Tourism *Distance Studies
2275A   Anthropology of Sex and Gender *NEW
2280G   Economic Anthropology *Distance Studies
2282G   Anthropology of Migration *Distance Studies
2283F   Refugees and the Displaced


3237A   Field Techniques in Linguistics
3305G   History, Territory, and the Politics of Identity
3307A   Field Methods in Archaeology (application required)
3311G   Bioarchaeology: Practice and Theory
3313B   Artifact Analysis *NEW
3336F    Debates in Human Evolution
3338F    Skeletal Biology
3339G   Language Variation and Change *NEW
3350F    Society and Culture I: Historical Perspectives
3351G   Society and Culture II: Identity, Power, and Social Formations
3355F    Zombies in Cultural and Historial Perspective *NEW


4400E   Anthropological Thought
4408G   Paleopathology and Paleodiet (application required)
4429G   Principles of Applied Archaeology (application required)
4493F   Advanced Special Topics: Reading and Writing Ethnography (application required)
4494G  Advanced Special Topics: Visual Anthropology (application required)