4000-level application courses

The Department of Anthropology is offering the following 4000-level courses for 2019-2020. All are cross-listed with graduate courses and are restricted to undergraduate students of approximately 4-8. The application is now closed and most are now full, however there are still a couple of spots left in 4422G and 4429G. If you wish to apply, please email Laura Cousins at lcousin3@uwo.ca.

4409G   Anthropology of Ethics and Morality *NEW
4412G   Language and Power
4422G   Activity and Energetics in the Past *NEW
4424F    Analytical Techniques in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology *NEW
4429G   Principles of Applied Archaeology
4493G   Special Topic: Mortuary Archaeology  *NEW
4494F    Special Topic: Collaboration in Anthropology *NEW