Course List 2021/2022

The course outlines presented below are intended to give you a sense of the content covered in these courses. Students should look to the course site in Owl for the most recent version.

Winter Term

1021B-001,002      Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology

1026G-650      Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology

1027B-650      Introduction to Linguistics

2212G-001      Cultures of the Pacific

2226B-001      Biological Anthropology

2229G-200      Principles of Archaeology

2237B-200      Human Adaptability and Resilience: Life at the Extremes

2238B-001      Reading Life and Death through the Human Body

2261G-001      Adventures in Pop Culture Archaeology

2264G-001      Primate Conservation

2272G-650      Anthropology of Tourism

2285G-650      Clothing and Culture: Anthropology of Fashion

3243G-001      Applied Linguistics

3305G-200      History, Territory and the Politics of Identity

3308G-001      Archaeology: Theory and Practice

3334G-001      Primate and Human Paleontology

3351G-001      Society & Culture II: Identity, Power and Social Formation

3354G-200      Disability and Health in Local and Global Worlds

3389G-200      Risky Passages and Restrictive Borders: Refugees and the Contemporary Challenges

3393G-200      Deviance, Difference and Resistance NEW! (course includes grad students)

4408G-001      Paleopathology and Paleodiet (cross-listed with grad course, entry by application)

4426G-001      Mortuary Archaeology (cross-listed with grad course, entry by application)

Fall Term

1022A-001,002      Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology

1025F-650      Introduction to Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology

1027A-650      Introduction to Linguistics

2100-650        Archaeology and World Prehistory (full-year course)

2222F-001      Debates in Sociocultural Anthropology

2226A-001      Biological Anthropology

2232F-001      Special Topics in Regional Archaeology – Mesoamerica

2233F-001      Archaeology of Ontario and the Great Lakes

2236A-001      Anthropological Perspectives on Human Growth, Development and Aging

2240A-001      Evolution, Ecology, and Human Health

2245F-001      Anthropological Approaches to Language

2267A-650      Anthropology of Zoos

2272F-650      Anthropology of Tourism

2278F-650      Anthropology of Race, Ethnicity and Identity

2283F-200      Refugees and the Displaced – An Anthropological Approach to Forced Migration

3307A-001      Field Methods in Archaeology

3338F-001      Human Skeletal Biology

3350F-001      Society & Culture I: Historical Perspectives

4401F-001      Anthropological Thinking and Practice