Major in Anthropology


Admission Requirements:

Completion of first-year requirements including 1.0 from: Anthropology 1020 (formerly 1020E) OR one of Anthropology 1021A/B or 1025F/G combined with one of Anthropology 1022A/B or 1026F/G with a minimum mark of 60% in each.

Module 6.0 Courses:

a) 0.5 course from:

2211F/G   Cultures of the Caribbean
2212F/G   Cultures of the Pacific
2216F/G   Cultures of Latin America
2219F/G   Cultures of the Middle East
INDIGSTU 2218F/G   Contemporary Indigenous Issues (the former ANTH/FNS 2218F/G)
May also include: the former ANTH/FNS 2217F/G - First Nations Traditional Cultures of Canada

b) 0.5 course from:

2230F/G   Arctic Archaeology
2233F/G   Archaeology of Ontario and the Great Lakes
2234F/G   Andean Prehistory

c)  1.5 courses (recommended to take in second year):

2222F/G   Debates in Sociocultural Anthropology
2226A/B   Biological Anthropology
2229F/G   Principles of Archaeology
2245F/G   Anthropological Approaches to Language

d) 1.0 courses from:

3237A/B    Field Techniques in Linguistics
3223F/G    Doing Fieldwork in Socioculural Anthropology
3305F/G    History, Territory and the Politics of Identity
3307A       Field Methods in Archaeology
3308F/G    Archaeology: Theory and Practice
3309F/G    Hunting and Gathering Societies
3310A/B    Zooarchaeology
3311F/G    Bioarchaeology: Practice and Theory
3312F/G    Historical Archaeology: Interpreting the Recent Past
3313A/B    Artifact Analysis
3331F/G    Reading Ethnography
3332F/G    Sociocultural Anthropological Perspectives on the Lifecourse
3334F/G    Primate and Human Paleontology
3336F/G    Debates in Human Evolution
3338F/G    Human Skeletal Biology
3339F/G    Language Variation and Change
3340A/B    Biomedical Anthropology
3341F/G    Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
3343A/B    Language and Revitalization in Practice
3350F       Society and Culture I: Historical Perspectives
3351G      Society and Culture II: Identity, Power and Social Formation
3354G      Disability and Health in Local and Global Worlds (New!)
3355F/G   Zombies in Cultural and Historical Perspective

May also include the former 3333F/G, 3335F/G and 3337F/G.

e) 2.5 courses in Anthropology at the 2200 level or above.

Note 1:
Students who are planning to do a Masters degree in Anthropology are encouraged to take Anthropology 4401F/G. The prerequisite is Anthropology 3350F which should be taken in third year.

Note 2:
Anthropology 3350F and 3351G make up the former 3301E. Therefore, students who have taken 3301E cannot also take 3350F and 3351G.

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