Honours Specialization in Anthropology


Admission Requirements:

Completion of first-year requirements with no failing grades. Student must have a minimum average of 70% in 3.0 principal courses including 1.0 from: Anthropology 1020 (formerly 1020E) OR one of Anthropology 1021A/B or 1025F/G combined with one of Anthropology 1022A/B, 1026F/G or 1027A/B, with a minimum mark of 60% in each.

Note: Students interested in taking courses in linguistic anthropology are required to take Anthropology 1027A/B. All other students should take either 1022A/B or 1026F/G.

Module 9.0 courses:

(a) 1.0 course from, at least 0.5 must be from 2211F/G-2219F/G including INDIGSTUD 2218F/G:

2211F/G    Cultures of the Caribbean
2212F/G    Cultures of the Pacific
2216F/G    Anthropological Perspectives on Latin America
2219F/G    Cultures of the Middle East
2230F/G    Arctic Archaeology
2232F/G    Special Topics in Archaeology. Topic 2021/2022: Mesoamerica
2233F/G    Archaeology of Ontario and the Great Lakes
2234F/G    Andean Prehistory
INDIGSTU 2218F/G  Contemporary Indigenous Issues (formerly ANTH 2218F/G)

Also included: the former ANTH/FNS 2217F/G First Nations Traditional Cultures of Canada.

(b) 2.5 courses:

2222F/G   Debates in Sociocultural Anthropology (should be taken in second year)
2245F/G   Anthropological Approaches to Language (should be taken in second year)
3350F      Society and Culture I: Historical Perspectives (taken in third year)
3351G      Society and Culture II: Identity, Power and Social Formation (taken in third year)
4401F/G   Anthropological Thinking and Practice (anti-requisite of 4400E)

(c) 1.0 course:

2226A/B    Biological Anthropology
2229F/G    Principles of Archaeology
LING 2247A/B   Phonological Analysis (the former ANTH 2247A/B)
LING 2248A/B    Syntactic Analysis (the former ANTH 2248A/B)

(d)  4.5 additional courses in Anthropology at the 2100 level or above, of which a maximum of 1.0 may be from section (a).

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