Application Courses

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to offer the following 4000-level courses for 2020-2021. These courses are taught at the graduate level and involves both undergraduate students and MA and PhD. Enrolment is restricted to fourth year anthropology students and is limited to approximately 5 undergrads. Students are asked to submit an application to secure enrolment in these courses, limited to a maximum of 2.

Considerations are being made on an ongoing basis as space permits. Interested students should email the Anthropology Department at and include your name, student number, and reason for your interest in each course.

Course outlines can be viewed by clicking on the course number of each:

4407G  Digital Archaeology & Digital Heritage, Professor Ferris

4429F  Principles of Applied Archaeology, Professor Timmins

4493F  Special Topic: Life History Approaches to Human Biology, Professor Stock

4494F  Special Topic: Reading and Writing Ethnograpy, Professor Beckett