Argentina Field Course

Photo taken by Alex Stelmacovich

This course in Spring 2016, led by Dr. Adriana Premat, invited students to reflect on food and politics in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at a time of crisis, five months after the inauguration of Mauricio Macri’s government. Drawing on their own photographs, at the end of the course, students prepared two PowerPoint presentations on the topics that most appealed to them. One group chose to focus on the social embeddedness that characterizes the “alternative” food projects we visited, contrasting them with dominant food venues like supermarkets (See video “Breaking the Chain: The Personalization of Food in Buenos Aires”). The other reflected on how Argentines today, as in the past, have used public space, as well as food-related projects, to contest unpopular and unjust government policies (See video “Opposing Injustice in Buenos Aires”). Both projects give a glimpse of the activities and the learning carried out during this five-week course in a country participating students previously knew little about.