Tutorial Room Booking

Do you want to book an Anthropology Tutorial Room?!

The Department of Anthropology has four Tutorial rooms available for students, faculty and staff of Anthropology.  To book or view availability to these rooms, you can use the calendar system through Outlook or Office 365 (webmail). 

Refer to the step-by-step instructions on the Western Technology Services (WTS) under ‘Book a Resource Calendar’: https://wts.uwo.ca/office_365/calendar.html

The tutorial rooms available to book are:

  • ANTH-SSC-3219-TutorialRoom
  • ANTH-SSC-3220-TutorialRoom
  • ANTH-SSC-3207C-TutorialRoom
  • ANTH-SSC-3221-TutorialRoom

Note: These rooms do not have technology in them but do have Wi-Fi access.

Process for signing out keys to Tutorial Rooms:

On the day of your approved booking, you will need to obtain a key to unlock the room.  These keys are located in SSC-3326 (Laura Cousins’ Office). 

When you arrive, you will need to sign out the key.  The sign out sheet is located directly beside the keys (to the right of the door). 

Similarly, when you return the key that same day you will need to sign it back in.  If you will be returning the key after 4:30pm, we ask that you put it in the drop off box that night so that we have access to it the next morning.

If you have any technical difficulties in viewing or requesting these rooms, please contact Laura Cousins (lcousin3@uwo.ca) or Laura Fleming (lflemi@uwo.ca).