The University of Western Ontario Journal of Anthropology

UWOJA Vol. 24 now available. Sept, 2016.

NEW! UWOJA (formerly Totem) Call for Papers - October 1, 2015

NEW! UWOJA (formerly Totem) Call for Reviewers - October 1 ,2015

As the co-editors for UWOJA (The University of Western Ontario Journal of Anthropology), we would like to invite graduate and undergraduate students to contribute to the journal's 24th edition.  This is a great opportunity for students to gain experience with the peer-review publication process and we encourage the submission of exceptional works based on creative and original research. This year, for the first time, TOTEM is also accepting submissions written in French or Spanish!

The deadline for paper submission is January 15, 2016

Thank you very much, and we look forward to your submissions!

Jordon Munizzi and Paulina Johnson, Co-editors

UWOJA: The University of Western Ontario Journal of Anthropology

UWOJA is a student-run journal of anthropology published annually in association with the Anthropology Society and the Department of Anthropology at Western University.

UWOJA's mandate is to publish exceptional works of creative and original research, by undergraduate and graduate students in any one of the four sub-fields of anthropology including Socio-cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, and Linguistics. Due to Anthropology's interdisciplinary nature, we invite students from other disciplines to submit papers that may be of value or interest to anthropology and anthropologists as well.

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