Western Anthropology 4th Annual Graduate Student Conference

WAGS Conference 2016

Western Anthropology Graduate Student Conference - March 4-6, 2016

Plans for the 4th Annual Anthropology Graduate Conference are currently underway. We are excited to announce the theme for the 2016 WAGS conference will be "Competing Voices in Cultural Spaces". This was developed based on the facebook poll, and the accompanying discussion.

This conference will provide graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to reflect critically on differences and conflicts between ‘voices’, whether they are researcher or subject voices, and ‘cultural spaces’, which can include, linguistic, physical, or online/offline boundaries.

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Keynote Speaker

The Western Anthropology Graduate Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Roger Ivar Lohmann, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Trent University, will be the keynote speaker at our upcoming conference: Competing Voices in Cultural Spaces, March 4th-6th, 2016. His research has focused on the study of dreaming, religion and cultural change, as well as other compelling topics such as human ecology, empathy, morality, and the causes of war. Dr. Lohmann has conducted ethnographic research among the Asabano people of Papua New Guinea. He is a strong proponent of the ‘four-field approach’ to anthropology, believing that a holistic approach is one of the disciplines most compelling strengths.

CALL FOR PAPERS - WAGS Conference 2016 - "Competing Voices in Cultural Spaces."

Registration for the conference is now open! Registration is free, but we ask that you please indicate your attendance at the conference to us by Friday, February 26, 2016. The link to registration is here: 


Our keynote speaker's address will be titled:  "Topics, Not Subfields: What You Can Do to End Provincialism in Anthropology’s Cultural Spaces"

Our WAGS 4th Annual Conference Online Auction page is up and running! Stay tuned, new items and photos will be added as they arrive!

Join us for a Bake Sale on Thursday, Feb 11, 11:00-1:30, Anthro Dept. 3rd floor. Funds to support the WAGS Conference.

We are still accepting donations!  Contact Danielle Alcock daniellealcock15@gmail.com or Nathan Dawthorne ndawthor@uwo.ca if interested.

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